With the changing weather, Shop From Unstitched Cambric Collection For New Outfits!

Changing season demands a wardrobe refresh and new additions for your wardrobe. Nothing is better than a shopping spree! Hot weather is gradually reducing, and so new fabrics are launched. Limelight has introduced its Unstitched Cambric Collection that is a perfect choice for midseason. The fabric is comfortable and ideal to wear in this changing weather. Comprising of bright, bold and vibrant colors, the collection is an absolute attention grabber for everyone.

All About Our Unstitched Cambric Collection 2020

Unique printed shirts and suits

The new collection features mesmerizing printed shirts and suits available in a bright variety of colors. As all these are unstitched, everyone can get their favorites stitched according to their own preferences and styles. Be it a simple classic cut, or trendy style, there are many options to choose from.

Online clothes shopping trend has immensely increased in the pandemic times, and women prefer to buy online. Having no problems such as size issues in ready to wear clothes, unstitched is a safe and easier option to shop.

2-pc suits with chiffon dupattas

All the two-piece unstitched cambric suits in the collection are paired with chiffon dupattas. With the shirt fabric being slightly thicker than lawn, it is an ideal fit to pair them with chiffon dupattas. They are breezy, lightweight and comfortable for the weather. Most suits are available in two color options, so you can easily choose your favorite one.

Transform your summer wardrobes for midseason with bright and bold colors before winter arrives. With the arrival of winter, usually darker tones are preferred like black, grey and blues, hence it’s a good idea to invest in bright colors before the pleasant weather goes away. Shop for midseason clothes online now from the Cambric Collection!

Infused with rich colors and deep tones, Cambric Collection 2020 is not to be missed!

Every season, styles and trends continue to change. Unstitched cambric is the ideal pick to keep your comfortable and light through the ending hot summers without compromising your fashion quotient. With the finest fabrics, the collection promises resplendent designs, and bright shades that are instant attention stealer.

Be ready to steal the limelight with mesmerizing fabrics and drool worthy prints! All that your buy from the unstitched collection will ensure you stunning looks and stylish outfits!

Shop enticing prints for all your outing plans

Whether you need to go for a friends gathering, family dinner or a workplace meet up, you can easily style unstitched shirts a nd suits from cambric collection. Get them stitched according to all you can imagine with your creative mind. The stitching styles can be countless; it is up to your likes and dislikes! Some women prefer classic straight cut shirts, while some like to go out of the box with latest styles.

Mid summer collection is available across all stores and online, check it out now!

FAQs About Cambric Collection 2020

Wearing Cambric in summer or winter?

The most appropriate answer to this question would be midseason like it is nowadays; when it is neither too hot like scorching June weather, nor as cold as chilly December nights.

However, as the fabric is smooth and soft the fabric can be transitioned from summer to winter easily. You can style Limelight’s Cambric Collection according to modern designs, trends and fashion. Flaunt your looks confidently and don’t miss out on evolving trends! When winter season arrives with pleasant nights, you can trust your outfits made in Cambric. They are a good pick be worn in starting winter days.


Looking for affordable online clothing? Limelight is the one stop shop to head out for!

Unstitched Cambric Collection is a great combination of eye catching colors and in vogue patterns. Everything in the collection is suitable for casual and every day wear. It is preferable for simple styling. You can pair a simple printed cambric shirt with a chiffon dupatta and a classic trouser to complete the outfit. For completing two piece suits, you can pick your preference; stitched printed/embroidered trouser or simply matching colored fabric in unstitched form. The affordable prices are winner for everyone.

Moreover, it offers convenience and ease for everyone. All that you need to complete your outfit is readily available; from dupattas, trousers and accessories, shop everything you wish for! Women clothing sales online are launched frequently, keep looking out for them to grab the best steal prices and exciting discounts!

Classic colors or a vibrant palette? Choose what suits you best!

Everyone has their own personal color favorites. Some like to wear vivid and bright colors, while some are classic and subtle tone lovers. The collection offers something for everyone! While monotone suits look decent and exude sheer elegance, bright prints look unique and enchanting too. So, shop what you like and love to wear!


Shop your desired picks now from stores or online

Cambric Unstitched shirts and suits are available across all Limelight stores nationwide! You can also shop for clothes online easily. Explore the collection, add your favorite design to your shopping carts and check out to place an order. Delivery is free for orders above Rs.890 within Pakistan.

Cash on delivery is most feasible and hassle free payment option for domestic customers. International customers can order and pay via debit or credit cards. Shipping charges are calculated according to delivery region and parcel weight.

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