What You Can Wear This Week - Women's Matching Bottoms

It feels like we are always talking about dresses, tops, jackets and, etc. But we don’t talk that much about bottoms or pants? Even though, trousers for women are the thing without which every outfit is incomplete. Yes, we know that Pants are usually hidden by your shirts, that’s just how it goes in Pakistan. However, just by adding some life to your pant collection, you can change your whole fashion game. Who says, life an outfit can’t bottoms for women? It’s all up to you and your preference, how you want to style your outfits. Fashion is a way to express yourself so, do it in a way that reflects who you are.

https://www.limelight.pk/collections/bottoms-pants come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. They're my go-to, my confidante, and my best friend. This item of apparel is so adaptable that you may dress it up or down, wear it to work or dress it down, wear it to a night out or even a party. Limelight has a vast range of pants, trousers ghararas and jeans for women. It's easy to find matching pants that go well with your existing and soon-to-buy outfits. Today, we will talk about different styles of pants you can buy from the Limelight online store for your next night out and event.

Below Are Best Women's Matching Bottoms For Winter 2021-22

Velvet Trouser – Green 


Best jeans for women don’t even comparer to these. Limelight velvet trousers are always elegant and sophisticated. Investing in a pair of velvet pants will allow you to dress up or down. Velvet is a popular fabric throughout the fall and winter months. This is because it's both warm and comfy, and it's thick enough to keep you warm while it's cold outside. These velvet pants are versatile, since they may be worn with a variety of shoes, shirts, and outerwear. It's a high-fashion cloth that celebrities and other trendsetters adore, and it'll almost always be seen at high-fashion events. 

It’s easier than you think to put together an outfit with Green Velvet Trousers. The possibilities are endless, just wear your favorite sequined top or any shimmering fancy top that matches the vibe of the pants and voila. See how easy it is to dress uniquely in velvet pants? No go and get your very own pair to put together your unique outfit.

Embroidered Cambric Pants 


Embroidered cambric pants should be your go-to if you want to seem professional and put together. They're ideal for business wear, but make sure you choose the proper fabric for them. Cambric trousers are often slim-fitting and fall just below the ankle. They're really simple to wear, and you can match them with a variety of tops, including both loose and slim-cut options. You may also spruce up your style by wearing a jacket or trench coat. When it comes to capris, the key to success is to match them with a flowing, breezy georgette shirt and some heels, and voila, you have a cleverly planned ensemble.

Get on with the trends and go buy the best-embroidered cambric pants online at Limelight. Nothing is forever so, go and get your pants before it’s too late. 

Gharara - Formal Pants for Women


Ghararas is one of the most popular and extensively worn desi garments in South Asia. The regal garment, flared from the knee, has been around for a long time. Traditional, bright, and blingy, this outfit is ideal for any desi get-together. The enthusiasm and affection for ghararas are just undying, whether it is among Pakistani women, Bangladeshi women, or Indian women residing in any part of the world. Traditional shararas and ghararas have long been regarded as a symbol of elegance because they were worn by our grandmothers in the finest Nawabi way, but they didn't fit into our modern-day attire.

Forget about ladies tulip shalwar, this beige gharara is all about looking luxurious. When we think of wearing something luxurious, we think about weddings. Something as beautiful as this show is worn at weddings, and surely you will look better than the rest while wearing it.

Printed wide leg trousers 


Cotton Wide-leg pants were popular in the 1980s, but they have since made their way into the hearts of today's trendsetters and fashionistas. While the additional fabric around the leg area may intimidate some women, wide-leg trousers may be a stylish and feminine wardrobe essential for women of all ages.

These casual pants for women are still in style and don't appear to be going away anytime soon. Depending on the fabrics you choose and how effectively you style the wide leg trousers, they may be not only fashionable but also trendy and exciting. The best thing is that you can find a pair that is appropriate for every situation, so it's well worth your time to experiment with different ways to wear wide leg trousers.

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