What’s New in Stores This Month For Women

Choosing ladies long dress is the best method to amaze everyone with your perfectly coordinated style. Co ords for women are fantastic because they eliminate the difficulty of choosing and matching pieces, leaving you with the easy chore of creating a two- ladies long dress that reflects your own style and personality. And it doesn't matter what type of style you desire; there's a matching two-piece outfit for you someplace out there. A so-called twin-set was once the pinnacle of Fifties elegance, but nowadays you may find casual co-ords, playful co-ords, elegant co-ords, and even little beachwear numbers. So, there's no need to avoid this delicious trend - all you have to do is look around and make your decision.

What Exactly Is a Co-Ord?

A co-ord, also known as a classic suit for women that is a two-piece set, is an ensemble fashioned from complementary colors, designs, or textiles. Co-ords are separates that are designed to be worn together, whether it's a matching top and skirt outfit or a coordinating jogger and sweatshirt set. To put it another way, getting ready in the morning has just become a whole lot easier!

Where to buy a co ord sets in Pakistan?

It's nearly that time of year again when we can start planning our spring wardrobes and the exciting ensembles we'll wear once the weather warms up! Co-ord sets, which are both vintage and current, are still quite popular and are one of my favorite spring trends to stock up on. I've got you covered if you're looking for one of these matching sets. Here are some of the prettiest co-ord sets at reasonable costs, and each store has a huge selection in stock this season.

Down below you will find the best Co-Ord sets Limelight has to offer. 

High co ord sets women


Make way for the matchy-matchy trend this season, as co-ord sets simplify style. High neck plain sweater and Narrow leg trouser with elasticized waistband along with full sleeves with knitted cuffs. A black high-neck sweater works with everything, it's no secret. The timeless knit garment has become a go-to solution for fashion fans everywhere, especially when they're stumped for what to wear in the fall and winter. However, the outfit is incomplete without the narrow black pants, so get them both now from Limelight and live your winter fashion fiesta.

Sequined dress with net top for women


A sequin dress has an instant wow impact, and it's a look you'll be able to wear year after year. However, if you invest in a good one, you'll be able to wear it all year, to weddings, summer gatherings, and, if dressed correctly, even to work. Whether you like them or not, sequins are an essential element of the holiday season. Glitter dress for women, like spring blossoms, are impossible to ignore at this time of year. While some of us like dousing ourselves in glitter and embracing every aspect of our existence as fully as humanly possible, others find it difficult to incorporate them into every day or even evening attire.

Cotton Classic 2pc party dresses online

There are various designs, styles, and patterns that come into play every day in the fashion industry, which generates the world's most revenue and expenditure unit. This style is just one of the best examples. Many trends are implemented, while others are not. Co-Ords are a fast-growing trend that is rapidly sweeping the globe. On the street today, you'll see a lot of men and women wearing co-ords.


Co-ords, which refers to matching attire, don't always imply the same thing to everyone. You may wear your co-ord in a variety of ways. Ethnicity has taken over the co-ord land, and this party wear for women set is conquering our hearts, as it has many other influencers on the street. Don't you think ethnic co-ords are a great choice for weddings and cultural fiestas? In terms of Indian culture, the vibrancy of colors and designs is unparalleled, and co-ords, with their ability to complement them distinctively, are a great attire.

Classic Velvet Suit

When it comes to a trouser co-ord set, coordination is vital, and it's a match. This is the best jumpsuit for women because this set includes pants and a matching top, both of which are cut for a flawless fit that enhances the form.


Trouser co-ord sets are traditional and stylish, but they're also a flexible addition to any wardrobe, since they may be worn independently or as an ensemble. These items are your new go-to, no matter how you wear them. Puffed pleats on the front of around turtleneck. On the back of the neck, there is a hacked keyhole. Round long back, full sleeves with puff pleated cuffs. Trousers with a wide leg and an elasticized waist. This coord sets women is perfect for a dress or a casual night out.

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