Walk in Style With Chic and Casual Limelight Footwear

We understand that selecting the appropriate women footwear to match the right dress may be a challenge. Finding the right footwear may be a nightmare with so many designs and colors at your disposal. However, a good shoe, on the other hand, change your whole outfit. Shoes are the life of every outfit. The best way to analyze someone’s personality is through their shoes.

So, what shoes should you wear and where should you get them from? The answer is simply obvious. Limelight is the best option when buying casual footwear for women. With a vast collection of shoes, there is something for everyone. No matter what the occasion, Limelight has got your back. Every shoe in their footwear collection is top-notch and chic. Today, we will show you the different types of shoes Limelight has to offer.

Branded and Chic Women Shoes by Limelight

Puffy Tangled Flats

Enjoy the summer vibes with this trendy footwear. This teal-colored flat is a great shoe to wear with your casual outfits. The rounded toe style with puffy and tangled straps provides a unique look to your feet. Looks apart, these flats are highly comfortable due to the high quality of the materials used. Get these flats today only from the Limelight!

Braided Chain Slippers 

Tired of wearing boring old slippers in summer? Don’t worry, Limelight is here to spice things up for you! These squared toes stylish footwear is the best way to explore unique styles in slippers. The brown color combined with a braided chain on the upper strap and a transparent texture makes this slipper one of the most chic slippers to wear in summer.

Straw Pattern Flats 

Summery beach vibes are the best types of vibes. This is what these slippers bring to you. Enjoy your every summer day like a vacation by wearing these stylish straw pattern printed flip-flops. The sky blue and beige combo is perfect for any casual outfit. Round-toed style tip along with a floral printed fabric as straps with the straw pattern on the upper sole and lastly, a textured outer sole for firmer grip. All in all, it’s a comfortable yet stylish shoe that will complete your summer outfits.

Criss-Cross Slippers

Add some shine to your life with these Criss-Cross Slippers. Limelight knows how to experiment with different styles and these slippers are the perfect example of their uniqueness. Bring the pizazz into your outfit by wearing these black squared tip slippers. They come with double straps in a crisscross style along with a single decorated braided chain strap. The material is a transparent texture which goes perfectly well with the glossy finish. The black color makes it easy to match with any outfit for a casual day out.

Bow Tie Flip Flops 

Pink shoes for women with a bow tie are an amazing way to stay connected with your girly side. Nothing greets the summer better than a comfortable pair of flip-flops. Slider-style flip-flops with round toes and a silk bow on the straps along with a breathable insole. Lastly, it comes with a textured outer sole that gives a firmer grip so you can walk anywhere for however long you want. With these flip-flops, comfort and style are no issue at all.

Sea Shell Flats 

Missing the beach? Then get these amazing sea shell casual shoes for women from Limelight today! Bring the beach vibes this summer to any casual outing you want. These brown flats are decorated with sea shells and various beads on the strap. It’s a round-toe style with a glossy finish. The sole provides ample traction for optimal comfort. Grab this pair today only at the Limelight online store!

Metallic Chain Flats 

Flats are your best friends in the summer. They help you keep cool while providing you with the most comfortable walking experience. These trendy shoes for women are easy to put on and take off, and not to forget, they make you look absolutely gorgeous. These metallic chain flats are just as comfortable and good-looking as any other. Grab them today and enjoy your summer with Limelight!


Limelight is the best place to restock your summer shoes from. Flats, flip-flops, and slides are amazing picks from this collection. These trending shoes for women are a great option for you. We suggest you start shopping as soon as possible before stock runs out and you miss your chance to buy these amazing shoes. Don’t forget to explore for yourself in Limelight stores or online to check out more options. We hope you found this blog helpful and we look forward to your stylish walks this summer!

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