Types Of Trousers You Should Definitely Own

Every girl needs essential pants staples in their closet. They are a necessary accessory in every person’s closet regardless of their gender. There is a diverse array of trousers for women that are available on the style spectrum. Some includes cigarette pants, palazzo pants, wide legged pants, sweatpants, capris, cargo pants, chinos, khakis, jeans, shalwars, and the list goes on and on. There are numerous names for trousers and their variants are also available in a diverse variety.

Limelight has you covered for all of your trousers/pants needs

Limelight has a very developed and extensive bottoms category. Limelight is the home to all sorts of trousers whether they fall in the eastern or western domain. The fabric range is very extensive including bottoms in silk, grip, cambric, cotton, velvet, slub khaddar etc. There are plain ones are designed for your basic needs whereas there are embroidered ones or even silk/grip ones for the fancy formal events. Some have intricate embroidery finished with tilla or sequins that look immaculate with solid shirts or if you want to spice up an ordinary outfit.


Probably the sub category with the most option is the eastern trousers. You can get basic cambric trousers i.e. solid colored trousers in a myriad of colors to match your printed dresses, embroidered and formal trousers that feature bottoms with intricate embroidery, lace detailing or net finishing. Moreover, Printed bottoms are available too that you can pair with your #OOTDs to jazz them up. Moreover there are silk, grip and jacquard trousers for ladies for all of your festive needs. Then there are western pants, on trend and high in demand all time of the year. Structured pants for all of your power dressing needs can be fulfilled from a single place. 

Western Pants

There is also a wide collection of trendy pants available including cigarette pants, tie knot pants, wide legged pants, and tights that are striped, shimmery and plain ones. With the great number of working women opting for professional gear, pants build up a great part of someone’s wardrobe. Moreover with more and more people on the hunt for quality and affordable Limelight offers great options on the spectrum. Whether you like wearing high waisted pants or low rise ones, we’ve got it all. Some prefer to wear tights for a more sport casual look and for to accommodate those customers, Limelight has a frequently updated category of tights for girls featuring dyed, striped and shimmery tights.


These are some of the trousers for ladies on trend this season that you should include in your wardrobe. These of-the-moment pant and trousers trends fashion girl are all over the fashion scene that everyone will be eager and excited to try. So whether you are on the hunt for some funky high waisted trousers or the basic striped pants for your summer wardrobe essentials, Limelight has got you sorted.

Staple cambric trousers

At the start of every season, rather than separately buying a trouser or pants for every suit or dress, one should invest in staple trousers. Translation: Rather than owning one multiple white trousers women for your every lawn jora, just invest in a few good quality ones and you are good to go for all of your summery pastel dresses. Particularly in summer, black, white and beige trousers or shalwars are deemedas the staple trousers.


All the eastern trousers available have narrow and wide options so you can pull off the kind of look you want. As some dresses require a flowy silhouette while some demand a tapered look, you can execute this by choosing trousers of a certain cut. To make this hassle easy for you, Limelight introduced this option so you can get a certain trouser in a particular narrow or wide cut.

Basic and embroidered shalwars

Shawlars are the quintessential eastern garment and have their own singular ethnic identity. Although the modern Pakistani women are choosing trousers or tights for their matching needs, the grace and elegance of a shalwar is unmatched. And there is an undeniable fact that some women still prefer wearing shalwars with their kurtas and summer/winter eastern wardrobe.


At Limelight, these are available in cambric, slub khaddar and jacquard options. Some even have mesmerizing embroidery or exquisite lace detailing on them.

Trousers for men


Limelight even offers trousers for men in basic masculine colors. The variety is decent in terms of quality and price range. Although casual trousers for women are more in demand and Limelight caters to a multitude of women, the men’s section has pretty good finds. Value for money products can be sourced from Limelight and men can easily match trousers to their basic kurtas.

Formal trousers

Limelight offers a large variety of diverse formal and embroidered trousers that you can pair with your formal dresses for the festive season. Trousers featuring exquisite and dainty embroidery will leave you in awe.

Moreover, there are silk and grip trousers in either solid colors or adorned with embroidery. You can pair these with your fancy and formal dresses and save the dress. Limelight saves you the hassle of going to buy fabric for a trouser, getting it dyed and them finding a suitable tailor. The sizes are very inclusive too and you can definitely find great picks for all of your festive needs, whether you are attending someone’s wedding or building your own trousseau, Limelight has something up its sleeve. 

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