Try on Some Chic Footwear From Limelight’s Latest Collection

They say, Good footwear takes you good places. Well, we agree! Your footwear is the most essential part when it comes to styling. A right footwear can elevate your walk and take you to the unbelievable heights on fashion chart. Well, Limelight excels at this category too with their cool and comfortable yet stylish collection of ladies footwear. We have the best flats, flip flops, slippers, heels, sandals, wedges and so much more. Today we are going to list down some of the best articles from Limelight’s footwear collection. Sit back and take a look at the most stylish yet trendy footwear of the season! Continue reading and we bet you wouldn’t resist yourself from buying all of them by the end of this blog.

Embellished Looped Flats

Basic black flats are a must in your footwear closet. The rhinestone detailing on this classic black strap is something that adds more style and sparkle to it. These flat shoes for women gives you the freedom to either wear them with a casual, semi-formal or even with a formal outfit. The square shaped toe box gives your feet a defined shape. The unique selling proposition of these flats is that they are very comfortable in fitting and easy to walk in. Get summer footwear today and style like never before!

Braided Flats

We have heard of braids in the hair but have you seen a braided footwear? Yes, this is how we experiment with different styles. This braided footwear speaks for itself. We love how cool and classic these flats are! They are the perfect pop of color to your dull and boring summer looks. With perfect toe box shape and the most comfortable sole, these shoes for women are a must have for your closet. You can pair them with neutral shaded outfits. Add this to your closet now and thank us later because you’re definitely going to stun your summer looks with these ladies shoes on!

Tropical Flip Flop

The collection also includes some really cool daily wear. These flip flops for women are the comfiest and are rich in style as well. The tropical floral pattern on sole is the heart of this footwear. You can wear this all day long without getting tired. It adds elevated style and comfort to your daily looks. They have a fine texture on both the sole and straps that makes it easier to walk with a firm grip. If you’re missing colors in your life then this cool & classy footwear is definitely your pick to add some colorful fashion to your life. Get these slippers for women now from your nearest Limelight stores or online.

Chained Pearl Flats

Pearls are a timeless fashion accessory that never goes out of style. These chain pearl sandals for women have the right amount of elegance and style in it. The metallic chain is the ongoing trend when it comes to accessorizing yourself. These flats are very lightweight and comfy as well. The ankle strap with buckled closure gives a firm grip to your feet to have a walk of confidence. So all in all these flats are that perfect footwear you must be looking for. Sandals always look elegant and are comfortable as well. Get these comfort women sandals to stun all your summer looks with no effort but with a high dose of style.

Tangled Flats

We all are fond of puffy insoles, aren’t we? We believe footwear should be the comfiest, no matter what. A well gripped and comfortable footwear can enhance your walk to surprising levels. We at Limelight pay our keen attention to every single detail wile designing our products. These womens walking shoes are certainly the best with no compromise on style. So. Knot your style down and have the perfect comfort women shoes in your closet, because you deserve to have the best! Available at your nearest stores or online at such amazing prices.

This is it, for just a sneak peek into Limelight’s chic footwear collection. The collection doesn’t end here but it also includes some formal footwear as well as a huge assortment of wedges, pumps, mules, slippers, flats, sandals, sneakers and heels. You can check out the whole collection in stores or online. Buy the best footwear to have the perfect walk of confidence. Leave a trail of style and chicness wherever you go in Limelight footwear! We would be back with another amazing trend in the world of fashion. Till then, wear the best, wear Limelight!

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