Top Trends For Summer 2021 With Limelight Pret

Fads are fun! Even though your personal style is what sticks with you over the years, a little experimentation doesn’t hurt anybody. Limelight tries to combine the best of both worlds every year coming out with collection that signify both classic and contemporary designs and trends particularly in the ready to wear or PRET category. Ready wear clothing is well favored by those who like to avoid the hassle of getting laces, buttons and motifs, frequent tailor runs and mixing and matching to complete an outfit.

Here are some of the most anticipated clothing trends women of 2021 featuring Limelight’s spring/summer PRET collection. Are you excited or are you excited?!

The Ombre Effect

Ombre is making a comeback this year in summer collection 2021. Since the word ombre is derived from a French word which means ‘Shaded’, the clothes have hues ranging from one shade to another creating a “rainbowed” effect. Pastels, cotton candy colors and millennial pink are all the rage and Limelight is making sure that everyone gets a dose of that. This is one of the most spring/summer trends out there that you can pull off. That looks you can create with the ombre trend tend to turn out more feminine and requires very little accessorizing. It looks like you have put a lot of effort in assembling an outfit when you haven’t in reality.


You can buy exquisite ombre ready to wear clothing for the upcoming spring and summer season to elevate your wardrobe. Pair up with classic neutral trousers or pants and you are good to go.

Tie and Dye

Tie and dye was one of the major style trends of 2020 and even this year it is omnipresent. The age old technique particularly compliments eastern shirts. This is the perfect combination of old and new age fashion trends signifying a paradox. There are numerous options available on Limelight’s website and stores to make sure you hop on the tie and dye bandwagon. 

Although popular among the Generation Z, the trend is reminiscent of the seventies and nineties. You can accessorize with dainty gold jewelry of statement neon hoops. The crux is these outfits are a no brainer summer success among fashion trends 2021.

Classic Floral designs

No brand in Pakistan can do classic floral print than Limelight. Year after year the ready wear clothing launched is representative of what an eastern woman desires in a suit. Floral prints are always timeless and deemed a classic by fashion connoisseurs everywhere. The ornate and detailed floral print is deemed part and parcel in every summer mood board because of the high demand every year.

The floral designs continue to be an iconic aspect of style statement; You can buy a black fashion dress with hibiscuses blooming all over it or a dainty green floral shirt with tilla embroidery and roses all over it.

Gold Pasting is always on trend

Gold pasting shirts and suits are significant to Limelight’s identity. Every year the collection compromises of such shirts owing to the mass popularity. The best thing about such shirts and suits is that they can be dressed up or dressed down with mere accessorizing or a simple shift in dupatta. Pair this kind of pret shirt with a simple chiffon dupatta and you have the basic every day outfit with a simple flair. Whereas combine that with an organza or net dupatta and you can wear your dress to any formal event.


Limelight’s gold pasting shirts usually have a gold imprint on them which makes them more attractive for the everyday consumer. They give off a boujee outlook which takes your style to another level.

Typography Shirts

Usually band, graphic or slogan tees had typography on them and in eastern clothing it was considered a no-no. But in recent years the advent of lettered and quote shirts in eastern apparel is on the rise. They give of a modern outlook and can be paired with a scarf or without a dupatta. These typography prints are extremely popular among the younger demographic on pret lawn suits. Limelight had an extremely diverse variety of typography prints: From song lyrics to empowerment slogans, we have it all.

So what are you waiting for! Upgrade your summer wardrobe with the latest shirts and suits from Limelight summer collection 2021. No matter what’s your aesthetic and personal style, you’ll definitely find something that floats your boat. So rush to your nearest brick and mortar store ordo online clothes shopping to get your hands on the most anticipated collection.

Keep an eye on our social media pages to hear about the latest news regarding sales and launches. Shop for your favorite summer clothes for a season of style. Exuding quintessential old world charm with a take on modern trends the new collection will definitely leave you in awe. So hop now onto the trends train to be among the style stars this season!

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