Make a Chic Style Statement in Groovy Tops by Limelight

Women's Tops come in all shapes and sizes. There is an endless variety of tops to choose from to keep your wardrobe up to date. However, when it comes to casual outfits, western tops are a great option. Often, ethnic outfits require an immense amount of effort to put together. Ready-to-wear western tops can be a quick, easy and stylish way to fix this issue. The best thing about western tops is their versatility, you can wear them with denim jeans or a trouser. When you get so much from such little, it is a no-brainer to own these essentials.

Limelight brings you one of the best online collections of western tops. These groovy ready-to-wear shirts are of the finest quality. Today, we will show and discuss some of the best shirts within this collection. Keep on reading and pick your favorites by the end of the article.

Mesmerizing Printed Tops by Limelight

Multi-colored Grip Summer Tops 

This orange and dark pink top is printed with modern patterns. The combination of green, white, orange, and pink creates a lively look that attracts all the attention. Moreover, this shirt has a ban neckline in a buttoned style. Pair this amazing shirt with comfortable denim pants and pull an amazing casual look effortlessly.

Blue Printed Silk Top 

Silk ladies' long tops are in style this season. A floral silk shirt is not only a jaw dropper but is also extremely comfortable. The best way to fight the heat while looking gorgeous is very much possible with a silk shirt. The blue silk fabric is printed with white floral patterns with a hint of other colors along the bottom. The shirt comes with a ban neckline for a graceful look. Again, pairing this casual shirt with denim jeans can be an easy way to look amazing all day long.

Dyed Lavish Tops for a Casual Outfit

Maroon Grip Layered Western Tops 

To spice things up, try this maroon layered top. This unique shirt is the best way to show off your shoulders and collar bones. It compliments your figure and gives a morale boost. Moreover, the shirt starts with a uniquely shaped neckline overlapped by a grip flap. Furthermore, a knot goes over the shoulder. Lastly, the sleeve’s cuff wraps around your wrist. Grab this shirt today and pair it up with your favorite tights from Limelight.

Light Pink Retro Top 

Sometimes bringing out your feminine side can be a refreshing experience. That’s exactly why we love this shirt. The shirt comes in a light pink color in a grip fabric, moreover, it starts with a frilled neckline with a black ribbon wrapped around it. Furthermore, the buttons are hidden for a flawless look. Lastly, the cuffs are also frilled to match the neckline along with a matching black ribbon. Pair these going-out tops with amazing black trousers to complete your casual outfit.

Sleeveless Tops for a Breezy Fit

Dark Gray Tank Top 

Why wear boring old t-shirts when you can stay cooler and look better while wearing a simple tank top?  Wearing a tank top with light-colored denim pants or leggings not only makes others congratulate you but also shows that you choose your summer attire wisely. This stretchable tank top by Limelight can be the best choice for you. The dark gray color makes it easy to match with any pants you like. Tuck it in with a stylish belt or keep it out for a relaxed fit.

Basic Camisole 

A camisole can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. You can wear it under a shirt for warmth or add some nice color variations to your outfit. You can even wear it with denim jeans for a casual day out. Furthermore, you can wear it as a workout shirt because the material is stretchable and breathable. It absorbs moisture quite well so you can work out without any worries. The dark purple color gives you a refreshing breath of air as it brings something different to your color pallet. Try these amazing sleeveless tops today from the Limelight and look the best!


As you can see, the women's tops collection by Limelight has a wide variety of options for you. We can assure you that there is something for everyone. From business-friendly shirts to work-out-friendly tank tops, Limelight’s top collection has them all.  The tops shown above are just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many more options available at Limelight stores and online. Visit our website today and start shopping for some chic and groovy western tops to upgrade your wardrobe in the best way possible.

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