Limelight’s Wide Range of Bottoms Including Trousers, Shalwars, and Pants

It is time to shop for some amazing ladies trousers for your outfits. Sometimes our outfits are so overpowering that our trousers fall short and get no love. It is time to change that and show some love to your trousers. Limelight brings you the best pant collection for summer 2022. Limelight is an all-rounder brand. They have all the essentials you need to make breathtaking outfits. Women bottoms are no exception when it comes to Limelight. They give the best quality at the most affordable prices. What else do you need? Best quality, style, and price. That is what Limelight is all about.

Today we will discuss the best pants Limelight has to offer. Of course, we can’t cover all the pants in their collection but we will show you the best ones. Keep reading and buy your favorite pants today!

Best Trousers for Women in 2022

Black and Gold Printed Cambric Trousers 

Black and Gold are all about luxury. Making a black and gold outfit for a formal event? Looking for matching black trousers for women? Then this cambric trouser is perfect for you. Make your legs shine and add some grace to your outfit with these lovely trousers. This trouser has the best linear gold pasted pattern all over a black cambric fabric. In addition, the elastic band allows for the perfect fitting to your hips. Lastly, the narrow leg style and Schiffli lacework on the hem finish the trouser off. Add this must-have trouser to your formal outfits today!

Dyed Maroon Silk Trouser

Sometimes you can’t wear fancy printed trousers. Plain trousers for women can go a long way and easily match any color-coordinated outfit in your wardrobe. This silk maroon trouser does just that. This simple and plain trouser is perfect for printed and embroidered shirts as it helps tone them down. Furthermore, the elastic waistband and narrow leg style make this trouser extremely versatile. Grab these trousers and enjoy silky-smooth happiness.

Unstitched Printed Jacquard Trousers 

Some women prefer unstitched trousers over ready-to-wear ones. They allow for more customization to add a personal touch to your outfits. Limelight brings you this amazing printed unstitched jacquard trouser fabric in a light beige color. The printed golden patterns add a subtle yet breathtaking aspect to the trouser. Complete your beige outfits with these amazing beige and gold trousers today!

Amazing Women Shalwars for Formal Outfits

Black and Gold Jacquard Shalwar 

Shalwars are the best pants to wear with a formal outfit. A black and gold shalwar makes your outfits even more formal. This shalwar comes with an elastic waistband for optimal fitting on the waist. The shalwar is followed by lace detailing and folded pleats on the hem. Lastly, the wide leg style gives a traditional shalwar style to your formal outfits.

White Embroidered Cambric Shalwar 

White summer outfits are all about comfort and style. This white embroidered white shalwar brings all those aspects together. The top is simple and white but at the end, you can find multi-colored embroidery which holds the essence of summer. Wear this amazing shalwar with your summer outfits to add some uniqueness to them. But this shalwar today so you don’t miss out.

Printed Western Pants for Women

Printed Silk Pants 

Looking for formal pants for women to wear with your western shirts? Don’t know where to find them? Well, Limelight brings you the best-printed pants to wear with your western shirts. This Silk Printed Pant comes with an elastic waistband and a button closure on the front allows for easy wear. Two sides and a fake back pocket add to the style and functionality of the pants. The printed pattern is a floral style that can be found all over the pants. The black color of these pants allows them to be matched with most shirts in your wardrobe. Narrow leg style with a baggy hip style makes this ladies pant trendy and unique. Grab this pair of pants today and start completing your outfits today!

Athleticwear Tights for Women

Shimmer Striped Tights 

Add some style to your workouts with Limelight Tights. This black tight with striped sides is comfortable and stretchable. The jersey fabric of these tights makes them perfect for all sorts of workouts and sports. Buy these tights right now to look your best while working out.

Summer Jeggings for Casual Wear

Striped Jegging 

Jeggings are a comfortable way to be fashionable. These amazing pairs of pants are versatile and can be worn with both traditional and western shirts. You just have to match them accordingly. We suggest you wear these with mostly western shirts because that is easier. Get this attractive jegging online today from Limelight!

Denim for Women

High Rise Skinny Black Denim

Limelight has all sorts of pants for you, even denim jeans. This versatile black denim pant can be worn with multiple western shirts. You know how easy it is to match a black pair of jeans. So, go wild and explore your options with Black Limelight Denim Pants right now!


As you have read, Limelight has a wide range of pants for every occasion. The list is so long that we can’t possibly fit all the ladies pant in this blog for you. Trousers, Shalwars, Pants, Tights, Jeggings, and Denim are all available on the Limelight Online Store. So, make sure you stop by and buy your favorite pants, online. We hope you enjoyed our top picks because we sure love them ourselves. Shop now and start upgrading your summer wardrobe today with Limelight.

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