Limelight’s Unstitched Cambric Collection for the Charismatic Personalities

It is high time we girls update our wardrobe and what better way to do that than a marvelous cambric fabric? Cambric is a fabric we love and adore and you should too. It is comfortable and luxurious. We believe that an unstitched cambric suit is essential for Pakistani w­­­­­­­­­omen. The warm weather is fading but it still shows up every now and then, therefore, cambric clothing is your best friend.

Now, where do you get a premium unstitched and stitched cambric dress that gives you the bang for your buck? Limelight proves to be the best option when buying cambric suits online. Why you ask? Well, Limelight provides you with the best quality cambric suit at an affordable price. With their unstitched cambric sale, you are sure to find a great suit that suits your preference. Down below, you will find the best-unstitched cambric suits by Limelight.

Best Cambric Unstitched Party Wear Suits Online

Pink 2 Piece Printed Cambric Suit 

2 Piece Printed Cambric Suit

This cambric suit is a gorgeous pink/magenta color with a lighter pink traditional pattern. The dupatta is a base yellow color with pink, green, and blue floral patterns. Moreover, the shirt is a cambric fabric whereas the dupatta is chiffon. If you are looking for a light and summery cambric suit then this two piece suit might be perfect for you. Upgrade your wardrobe today with this amazing cambric suit on sale at Limelight’s Online Store.

Dark Pink Printed Cambric Dress

Eyepopping colors aren’t your thing? Need something mature and comfortable? Then this suit might just be the thing for you. The dark pink purplish color of this suit can bring a mature touch to your fashion. This two piece suit consists of a shirt and trousers. The shirt is printed with perfect balance, it is not overpowering nor is it too plain. The front and back of the shirt are printed with traditional and floral patterns in green, yellow, red and white colors. Lastly, the trouser is a plain style to provide a graceful overall look. Get this suit at a lower cost from the Limelight Cambric Sale Online!

Purple Cambric Two Piece Suit

­­­­­­This traditional purple unstitched cambric suit is an amazing and affordable option. This two piece outfit is a combination of a purple cambric shirt and a green chiffon dupatta. The shirt is decorated with traditional earthy-toned patterns on the front and back both. Moreover, the chiffon dupatta is printed with different colors to provide the best look. The purple base is patterned with linear designs that add a refined and detailed look. Pair this suit with beige trousers and you are ready to shock the crowd.

Unstitched Cambric Trouser – White

A great way to finish off your outfit is these white cambric trousers. The easy-to-match white color and comfortable cambric fabric make it ideal to combine with other items. A white cambric trouser is essential for all women as it can help you in many ways possible. So grab this unstitched cambric trouser today only from Limelight!

Zinc Three Piece Cambric Dress 

This unstitched three piece suit can be your best choice for a formal gathering. The zinc-colored cambric fabric is patterned with ethnic patterns. Moreover, shading within the background patterns provides depth and gold pasted patterns catch all eyes. Moreover, the dupatta has complex shades and patterns that go perfectly with the shirt. Every pattern is intricately designed as the middle patterns fill in the dupatta and the borders finish the look. Lastly, the trouser is in a plain zinc color that provides a uniform and sophisticated look.

Yellow 2 Piece Printed Cambric Dress 

Yellow is hands down the most summery color out there. This lovely suit by Limelight can make a fine addition to your wardrobe. The eye-catching patterns cover the whole suit. Moreover, the trousers are plain and come in a cambric fabric.  If you are looking for a suit that offers dashing patterns with an attractive color while being comfortable, then get this. Buy this two piece cambric suit from Limelight.


Online unstitched clothes shopping is an experience everyone should enjoy. Cambric is a fabric all women should love. It’s versatile and comfortable to wear. It’s a great fabric to add a premium feel to your suits without really paying a premium price. Limelight’s Cambric Collections consists of many ready-to-wear and unstitched suits and shirts. We discussed as many as we could but it’s impossible for us to discuss them all. So, visit Limelight today to have a look or buy yourself amazing cambric dresses online.

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