Limelight Menswear Presents The Power Looks of Style and Passion

Pakistan is known for its amazing men clothing. Even our national menswear is the shalwar kameez and it is seen as a sign of grace, all over the world. It is easy to see why everyone loves these graceful suits. The options in these wonderful suits are endless. Silky smooth fabrics combined with the most attractive colors are the unique -selling points of these suits.

Men don’t find it easy to find that perfect outfit when it comes to traditional wear. There aren’t many options for men to shop. However, Limelight brings the best collection of menswear. This is exactly what makes Limelight the best men clothing brand too. We are passionate about these powerful and graceful suits and we are here to share that passion. Down below you will find the best suits and waistcoats for men, Limelight has to offer.

Best Pakistani Suits for Men Online by Limelight

Blue Wash and Wear 2 Piece Suit 

Classic colors are always the safe and best option to go with. This blue online men dress is a combination of Kurta and Shalwar. The Kurta starts with a ban neckline with metallic buttons. The sleeves are cuffed at the ends with metallic button closure.

Furthermore, the shirt has two pockets to keep your belongings safe. The shalwar is in a matching blue color that completes the whole suit. You can get this suit in either a slim fit or a regular fit size in accordance with your preference and style. Get this suit to look your best now!

Black Embroidered 2 Piece Cotton Dress 

Black is one of the best colors available for men. It is easy to pull off while looking absolutely stunning. This black suit comes with a cotton Kurta and Shalwar. The Kurta’s neckline is a ban style with black and red hued embroidery along with black buttons. The sleeves are finished off with a cuff style, along with button closure. Two side pockets can be found on the kurta for storage.

Moreover, the suit ends off with a black matching plain cotton Shalwar. Lastly, the suit comes in both slim and regular fit. This suit is a good way of bringing something different into your wardrobe. The embroidery adds to the beauty of this outfit. Find this amazing suit at Limelight outlets or stores online.

Buy Amazing Waistcoats for Men Summer Dress Wardrobe

White Cotton Waistcoat 

Add more to your traditional dress for men, with this elegant waistcoat. This white waistcoat can change the way you dress in shalwar kurtas. The best thing about this waistcoat is the cotton fabric. Cotton is a very light and breezy, which means you can even wear it in the summers. Moreover, the waistcoat starts off with a ban neckline with golden-hued buttons on the placket. It also comes with ample pockets, one being on the chest and two on the lower part. All in all, this white waistcoat will make a great addition to your traditional wardrobe.

Grey Embroidered Waistcoat 

What is better than a cotton waistcoat? An embroidered waistcoat. Embroidery is the best way to bring your traditional dress for men to a whole new level. This waistcoat stands out due to its intricate embroidered patterns and textured fabric. The cotton fabric allows you to wear this waistcoat in the summer with ease.

Furthermore, the waistcoat starts with a ban neckline along with carved metallic button closure on the placket. The Tilla motif on the chest adds grace to this waistcoat. Lastly, the waistcoat comes with two front pockets to store your things.

Stunning Trousers Mens Fashion Clothing

Plain Black Cambric Shalwar 

Complete your outfit with the best Shalwars from Limelight. This black shalwar will make the perfect partner for your one-piece kurtas. Buy these pants to complete all your traditional outfits right now!

White Cotton Straight Trousers 

Here is another pair of trousers for a more modern look. These straighter trousers are best matched with slim-fit kurtas. Buy these pants today, to look amazing this summer!


Today, we spoke about some incredible mens suits online that can help you raise your summer style game. You may rapidly upgrade your summer wardrobe by glancing at this clothing. As you can see, Limelight offers a diverse selection of menswear for any occasion. We can't reasonably fit all of the menswear in one blog for you because the list is so big. Limelight has a vast collection of Kurtas, Suits, Waistcoats, and Trousers.

So, make a point of stopping by and shopping your favorite outfits either online or from stores. We hope you enjoyed our top selections as much as we enjoyed them. Limelight has everything you need to upgrade your summer wardrobe. So, grab a bag and start shopping for the best cotton summer dresses today!


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