Limelight Has Got Just The Thing For You- Unstitched Eid Edition II

“Eid-ul-Azha is not about getting the perfect outfit, mehendi or bangles. It’s for meat.”

This is a very common saying by men of the house when women are going crazy for Eid-ul-Azha shopping. But we think all Eid’s are about dressing up, eating lots of food and having a good laugh with family and friends. In the olden days people used to get everything prepared for Eid beforehand, may it be food preps, clothes, cleaning the house, etc. Now, people shop till Chand raat and enjoy the festive season to the fullest. The crowded streets, mehendi stalls, and shops are the actual thrill and excitement on Eid. 

Though the situation these days requires us to be extra careful and stay at home to stay safe, we Pakistani’s still want to celebrate Eid like it’s supposed to be celebrated, with full zing. Eid is definitely the best time to dress up for those perfect Eid day pictures, family get-together, and BBQ's. 

Limelight has got just the thing for you- Unstitched Eid Edition II

Eid shopping is and can always be a little stressful. You have a hundred questions that you ask yourself or your mom or your friends to help decide what you want to wear on Eid. You might be thinking that buying an unstitched suit for Eid would be a hassle. You must be thinking what color and fabric would be best to wear on Eid-ul-Azha in this scorching heat? 

Let’s talk about what Limelight has in store for you. Limelight’s Unstitched Eid Edition II is all about beating the summer heat and making you look extravagant this Eid. The collection consists of vibrant, vivid, and rich colors swamped with embroidered patterns, tilla embroidery, printed patterns and much more. We deem them perfect for your Eid outfit. 

Our Jacquard Eid collection is a collection of unstitched clothing which we reckon you will fall in love with at first glance. Our printed Eid edition consists of un-ending color options and designs to choose from. Unstitched designs are available in the form of shirt pieces, two piece suits, and three piece suits at economical prices. This gives you an option to buy whatever you want and you can play around with them however you like. 

Style as you like 

We consider our unstitched collection to be an empty canvas. Why? Because we’re making you, your own designers. You can play around with different designs, embroidered patches, and laces, and much more to turn your dress into a masterpiece. We would suggest using tiny embroidered patterns or Gota lace and some embellished buttons to go with your suits. This season is all about long shirts or medium length shirts paired with straight trousers or tights along with khussas. We offer a wide range of unstitched attire to choose from. You can pair our suits with fancy heels, sandals, khussas etc. to look picture perfect. 

Other than that we offer a wide range of organza, rajjo net, cotton net, jacquard and silk dupattas that you can pair with our unstitched shirts. They’ll add extra glam to your outfit.

Beat the heat and look stunning 

With Limelight you have just the right dress for Eid. Our main idea with this collection was to choose fabric and designs that not only prevents you from feeling hot in the scorching heat but also makes you look extraordinary. In fact, the designs are so gorgeous that you wouldn’t want to miss them if you get to have a glance at them in our stores or online. 

We didn’t only keep the idea of Eid in mind while designing these for you gorgeous ladies. We suggest using them with care as you can use these dresses later in upcoming events like weddings or fancy dinners. 

We believe that customer satisfaction and love is what keeps Limelight moving forward. Thus, whenever we design our collection we make sure to keep you in our mind so that we are able to come up with ideas and a collection that is in accordance with our beloved customers. We make sure to provide quality over quantity so that you can look spectacular every single day. 

Stay home and stay safe

Limelight cares about its beloved customers to a great extent. With the current situation in our country, we wouldn’t want our customers to catch the virus. For this particular purpose, we’re not only making sure that we have everything in-stock in stores but we’re also keeping everything in stock online so that you can shop from the ease of your home, get the best Eid outfit and look your best on this Eid. 

We wish you a meaty and scrumptious Eid this year. 

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