Limelight Accessories - A Whole New World of Keychains

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your keys? We all have been through that and we say never again! So, how do you not lose your keys? Well, the answer is simple. Buy a keychain. Say goodbye to plain keys and say hello to cute and precious Limelight’s keychains. These little marvels are a great way to keep track of your keys while accessorizing yourself. Every keychain tells its own story about your personality. Keychains can be something very personal. Everyone owns a different kind and they also make a perfect little gift. You can remind others of yourself every time they leave their homes by gifting them these wonders.

Today, we will talk about the very best Limelight keychains you can buy online. Yes, you read it right, Limelight has launched a splendid keychain collection just for you! Discover a whole new world of keychains, that you never knew existed. Keep on reading to find that perfect keychain for yourself and your loved ones.

Find below our most popular keychains 

The Cutest Pouch Keychain for You

Who knew keychains could come into use as pouches? These aren’t just any ordinary pouches. This pouch has a round opening at the bottom. Why do you ask? Well, it’s a Perfume Keychain. This bottle can be anything from a hand sanitizer to a perfume and lotion bottle. It all depends on you. So, it not only keeps your keys safe but also accessorize you while keeping you hygienic. This versatile keychain is a must-have. The keychain has metallic ring lobster claws along with foldable flats and a push button. It comes in three variations, peach, brown and black. Essentially, this keychain is the best gift you can give to yourself and others. Buy this Multi Purpose Keychain right now!

A Tech Savvy Keychain 

Are you always listening to music? Are you tired of carrying your air pods and keys at the same time? Do you love colorful pompoms? Then these unique keychains are made for you. Keep your air pods and keys secure at the same time with this keychain. The air pod case will protect your earphones and you won’t ever lose your keys. The pompom adds funkiness to your everyday style as well. Whereas the metal claw clasp makes it easy to attach and remove. Now you can look good while listening to your favorite tunes. This unique keychain comes in a variety of colors. Buy it in Sea green, Red, Purple and good old black.

Ribboned Pompom Keychain

This keychain is all about looking good. Ribbons and pompoms are a great way to accessorize anything. Putting this keychain on your purse, your phone, or even just your keys, can make them stand out. It's easy to match these ribbons and pompoms with the outfit you are going to wear. It is available in different colors making this Pompom Key Chain the best. There are four variations in this keychain. Blue, grey, peach, and yellow. The bow tie style of the printed ribbon along with the fluffy style of the pompom makes this ribbon very playful. The easy-to-use claw clasp allows you to put it on and off easily.

Fancy Tassel Keychains 

In comparison to other keychains on this list, these are different. Tassels as we all know, commonly come into use in various aspects of our life. From your clothes to your drawing room curtains, you can find a tassel everywhere. Tassels add grace to everything and that’s why they are so common. Adding tassels to your keychain is a great idea. These would make any outing fun and grab your attention every now and then. There are three tassels on this keychain along with two sparkly balls and a claw clasp. This keychain comes in four different colors. Blue, black, mustard, and green.

Cute Dog Keychain with Rhinestones 

If you are an animal lover then this keychain is for you. Who doesn’t love dogs, right? We know you do and that’s why this keychain is perfect for you. These cute keychains for her are a dog figurine with a cute little nose and eyes. The ears and collar of the dog are embellished with rhinestones. It’s the perfect little gift for a dog lover. This keychain comes in three different colors. Black, brown, and black-white mix. Find which color you love the most and buy it for yourself or someone who loves dogs.

Rhinestone Teddy Bear Keychain

Here is another rocker for your keys. A bear decorated with rhinestones? Yes, please. If you like flashy keychains and a lot of attention then this keychain is made for you. This cute little bear is wearing a pompom for a dress. How cute is that? Make your keys and purses a tad bit cuter with this lovely keychain. It comes in four different colors. Black, red, purple, and blue. You can buy these key chains online from the Limelight store right now!

The sumptuous keychain collection doesn’t end here. There are a lot more funky and stylish keychains that Limelight has in stores and online. Do check them out because they are available at a very affordable price range as well. Accessorize yourself with the perfect Limelight keychains and be always on the go!

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