Ideas For Fusion Fashion With Limelight

In the recent years, more and more people are adapting an aesthetic that is convergent i.e. ethnic yet contemporary. Fusion wear is in fast demand in the fast paced times we live in where masses want to stay true to their indigenous roots but with a modernized outlook. Combining the innovation of East, and West, you can acquire the best of both worlds.

Here at Limelight, we have a diverse portfolio of fusion fashion ranging from maxi dresses, short kurtis, typography shirts and versatile shirts and suits that can be stylized for a modern twist on traditional clothes or vice versa. The contemporary sari pants are a prime example of fusion wear where two opposite elements juxtapose to create a magnificent effect. Similarly, a denim jacket with traditional embroidery is also a demonstration of the fusion fashion trend.

Fusion wear is particularly popular among the young crowd especially those belonging to Generation Y or Z. They want to adopt trendy fads but still want to pay homage to their cultural identity. Fusion wear is the perfect solution to all of their fashion woes Here are some ideas for fusion fashion available on the Limelight’s web and IRL stores that you can execute and be the talk of the town(in a good way).

Long Maxi and Midi Dresses for the win!

Maxi and Midi dresses are the epitome of fusion fashion these days. Traditional and ethnic prints and embroideries combined with modern cuts in dresses are extremely popular for the everyday ear. Long summer dresses are a no hassle option for when you want to look put together but want to give in the least amount of effort possible. From Limelight’s dresses category, you can buy stunning dresses from the upcoming season in light and airy fabrics in bright, vibrant or pastel colors to amp your closet. Even for spring looks when the weather is transitional and unpredictable, you can wear a leather jacket or a cardigan over it for an elevated aesthetic.

For styling, you can pair up these dresses with oxidized jewellery or those inspired from Afghani or Kashmiri root for a more bohemian comely look. Floral print dresses give of a summery vibe that is unmatched and if

The flair of kurtis of unmatched!

In the recent years, People have been favoring short kurtis owing to their hassle free nature. Pair those up with basic denim jeans and you are sorted for the day. These are particularly handy for those girls who are university or office going.  The Limelight short kurtis category features kurtis in a large array of colors and cuts. Peplum tops, short frock style shirts, and asymmetrical shirts are available that you can style with basics and you are good to go for the season. If you like solid colored tops with motif embroidery or printed tops with tropical prints, we have it all. You can explore Limelight’s summer collection to check out all the new releases of Kurtis.

Kurtis are the perfect blend of east and west. These have a contemporary silhouette but either have eastern embroidery or traditional textile design. This creates a dynamic of opposites that complement each other extremely well. A combination of old and new elements that although contradictory merge well to create a masterpiece. Kurtis contribute to no brainer summer outfit ideas that you can style very easily but makes you look very classy nevertheless. You can pair your favorite short kurtis with kola puri chappals or minimal jhumkas for an evergreen style statement as this combo never goes out of vogue.

Typography Shirts express your personality!

In the current times, people want to express their emotions, thoughts and preferences through the clothes they wear and shirts with typography on them are a great way to demonstrate that. A girl or guy wearing ‘Girl Power’ t shirt depicts that he/she believe in the equality of the genders whereas someone wearing a band tee of their favorite music group delineate that adoration of their music. Limelight has taken an ethnic play on this modern trend and the recently launched ladies summer dresses have typography on them. The shirts have although a traditional outlook with comprise of motivational slogans like ‘Never Give Up’ or catchy song lyrics.

The good news is such shirts in the greatly anticipated new summer collection are relatively easy to style. You can just wear your basic staple trousers in black, beige or white to keep the attention on your statement top with meaningful words.

Keep a look at Limelight’s fashion blog for clothing ideas for the every occasion. If you order online via the official website shipping free over 990. You can pay via cash on delivery or bank payment. Limelight’s website is updated on daily basis so, for shopping fashion fusion online do check out Limelight’s web store to find your next favorite kurti or dress. And always remember no matter what you wear, just have fun!

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