Dress to Impress in Limelight's Exquisite Menswear Collection

Kurtas, Shalwars, Trousers, Full Suits, and Waistcoats, make up for the best traditional menswear you can buy in Pakistan. It’s all about fabric selection and color combination when it comes to these amazing outfits. Be it ready-to-wear suits, finding the best one is no easy task. There are a lot of things to consider while buying menswear in Pakistan if you are dressing to impress. However, we might have the best solution for you if you are looking for some breathtaking men clothing.

Limelight brings the best menswear in Pakistan that you can buy online and in stores. They have the best collection that is luxurious yet affordable. Today, in this blog we will discuss some of the finest suits, kurtas, and waistcoats for you to buy from Limelight.

Ready to Wear Men Kurta for a Stunning Look

Yellow Self Jacquard Kurta 

Nothing beats a premium bright-colored Jacquard kurta in summers. This kurta comes with a ban neckline along with a brown-tone fabric finishing. In addition, it comes with metallic button closure on the placket. Furthermore, it comes with two side pockets and the same tone patterns all over the kurta. If you want amazing menswear for summer then grab this kurta at Limelight stores or online! Show everyone just how much you know about mens fashion with this amazing kurta!

White Cotton Kurta 

Cotton kurtas might just be the best option for you in this summer heat. This light and airy fabric is perfect for a hot summer day. It has an embroidered band neck and buttons on the placket. Moreover, the neckline consists of the stitched pattern detailing that adds grace to the overall look. Lastly, the kurta comes with two pockets to keep your belongings safe. Beat the summer heat while impressing everyone around you with this amazing kurta!

Dashing Men Suits in Pakistan

Black Embroidered Wash and Wear Two Piece Suit

A fantastic place to buy formal wear for men is Limelight. No other brand gives the same level of attention to detail as Limelight. The fit and the color of the fabric are both picture-perfect. One of your greatest options to buy is this wash-and-wear two-piece suit in charcoal black. A kurta and a shalwar make up this two-piece outfit. The shirt has a two-toned thread detailing on the placket and neck that starts with a ban neckline. With matching buttons, the sleeves are cuffed. Two side pockets round off the shirt's style. The ensemble is finished off with a coordinating black shalwar. This suit's timeless hue instantly wins us over. Get this fantastic suit and much other mens clothing online right now from the Limelight Stores or buy men's clothing online.

Olive 2 Piece Cotton Suit 

The olive color is one of the most mature colors a man can wear. It’s one of the most graceful, dashing, and wonderful menswear. The two-piece cotton suit captures the essence of this color perfectly. This two-piece suit comes with a ban neckline kurta which has squared textured metallic buttons on the placket and cuffs. Furthermore, it comes with two side pockets and comes in a slim and regular fit. Lastly, it comes with a matching dyed shalwar that completes the outfit. All in all, this olive suit might add some uniqueness to your wardrobe and give you something new to wear. Having a variety of colors that you can pull offsets you apart from the rest. So, grab this suit today from the Limelight!

Pair your Suits with a Flawless Waistcoat

White Waistcoat with Fancy Buttons 

With this classy waistcoat, you may enhance your traditional men's outfits. You can add variations to your shalwar kurtas by wearing this white waistcoat. The cotton material paired up with these amazing buttons is this waistcoat's greatest feature. Since cotton is such a light and airy material, it’s perfect to wear this summer. It’s a perfect item for mens summer fashion. The waistcoat also has golden-colored buttons on the placket and a ban neckline. Additionally, it has three roomy pockets; two on the bottom section and one on the chest. Overall, this white waistcoat will be a wonderful addition to your formal attire.


Limelight isn’t just a women’s brand. As you saw, Limelight brings you the most sophisticated menswear to buy online. With such variety in colors, fabrics, and styles, we are sure every man will find what they desire. Limelight also has some other amazing waistcoats, pants, suits, and kurtas. So, go on and buy a suit of your liking. We really hope you loved looking at our top picks as much as we loved showing them to you. Limelight provides you with the best menswear to upgrade your summer wardrobe. Take everything you can, so you can impress everyone around you!

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