Cozy Up in Classy Sweaters

The gloominess of winter means layering up. As far as our eyes see, we see individuals following the style of grumpy grandpa traveling on the scooter on the roads of mall road. In other words, people forget to stylize their appearance just to keep themselves from shivering in the unbearable chilly winds. A trend we find to be unforgivable.

Keeping this in mind, Limelight is against introducing a misshapen outdated sweater for women. The brand's winter wear knocks some fashion sense into the individuals with their savvy and chic designs. Especially their sweaters know how to challenge outdated winter fashion statements. Hence, come with us on the journey of exploring the swaggy Limelight sweaters. 

Some tips on how to bring together a up-to-date stylish look.

Water Color Sweater

Made for the ladies who are obsessed with comfort but still want to follow the latest fashionable trends. The multi-colored pattern caricatures the fine details of abstract art. The splashed pattern brings out the hidden beauty of the dull atmosphere of winters. The sweatshirt style captures the essence of vogue fashion through its crew neckline and classic ribbed cuffs.

We recommend that you complete your groovy look by wearing the sweater with a denim bottom with frayed edges. Furthermore, we have noticed that sneakers with glossy textures highlight the vibrant hues more. Don’t forget to add some aviator sunglasses with gradient lenses to your nifty style.

Batwing Sweater

Can you believe that an itsy-bitsy mammal could be our inspiration? Here at Limelight, we know how to create some modish attire by taking ideas from unusual places. The nocturnal animal may be unattractive in some eyes but we believe in its spectacularity. The baggy style of the sweater expresses the magnificence of bat wings while the mock turtle neck goes well with its swankiness.

The glistening sequin detailing on the shoulders and sleeves introduces some much-needed glamor drama. Moreover, the coolness of the minty shade represents your spirited nature flawlessly. We believe that navy-blue colored pants, as well as a pair of mules, will perfectly go with this baggy knit sweater. Style your hair in beach curls and tie them back with green-hued hairbands.

Cut Out High Neck Sweater

We love to challenge the fashion world in such a way that others have difficulty keeping up with us. The funky sweater exemplifies the amalgamation of traditional trends with modern fads. High neck with a one-off shoulder lets you experience a contemporary winter craze. To sum it up, an opportunity to show off your ramp look.

We encourage experiments in the field of fashion. Why don’t you wear this swaggy high-neck sweater with black jeggings? Also, textured heels have the recipe to hit the fashion spot. Clutches embellished with pleated fabric will have a better understanding of the outfit as compared to other forms of bags.

Pearl Cardigan

Can you believe a cardigan sweater defining elegance through its detailing? The pearl embellishment on the front introduces much needed sophisticated element that was missing from the sweater's trends. Also, we are loving the spacious pockets on the long cardigan. Very few brands realize the importance of pockets in women's life.

Sketch a regal appearance by pairing the cardigan with a western top. Denim blue-colored velvet trousers transform it into on fleek attire. The slide shoes will give you an ideal chance to adopt a flawless style. Add some gold cuffs to make the appearance more trendy and majestic.

Tartan Hoodie

When talking about the sweater, do you think we will forget about hoodies?  Our tartan hoodie is gift for individuals who love to spend their winter evening with a cup of coffee and a mystery novel in their hands. The Scottish tartan print pays tribute to the traditionality of the pattern. We can label this hoodie as king of adjustability. Drawstrings with the hood and elasticized cuffs give it the liberty to adapt to your needs.

If you are looking for our fashion advice then grey-colored denim skinny jeans with black sneakers will go perfectly with this apparel. Try to style your hair in a high ponytail and remember to wear some studded earpieces.

Keeping yourself warm is your right but staying in style is much-needed. Hiding from cold in the layers of a blanket doesn’t mean that you can avoid dressing yourself up in style. Our sweaters collection will never let you down in terms of trendy fashion. Furthermore, we have an enormous collection of accessories that lets you create your preferred look.

Keep checking our website for eye-catching ensembles. We are on the mission to bring new designs to your doorstep. So remember to check out our complete your style looks. In return, we just need a little appreciation in the form of tag your posts.

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