Pakistan’s temperamental weather calls for a fabric that is lightweight, sturdy yet feels airy. Cambric and cotton are ideal fabrics for Pakistan’s climate because of the endless changes in day to night temperature.

Especially in transitional days when weather is shifting from winter to summer or vice versa. The temperature is extremely unpredictable and cotton and cambric are good options because they can be dressed up or dressed down according to the temperature.

On its own, the fabric is good for summery days but when you feel a light chill, a lightweight jacket or sweater or a mere shawl can save the day. Midyear clothing is deemed fashion essentials by the trend led crowd owing to the diverse ways you can wear them year after year. You can play with style, cut, design and colors. The possibilities are endless!

Endless advantages of selecting cotton and cambric fabric

Many women in Pakistan prefer cheap cotton fabric because it’s a natural fiber with many advantages, such as durability, its ability to control moisture, insulation and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic. Due to its softness and comfort, it is favored by many.


Since it’s less likely to tear or rip apart as compared to lawn, it can be worn multiple seasons over the years! Cotton is deemed as the most breathable fabric thus used necessarily in mid-year collection. It allows one to remain comfortable while keeping moisture from building up between your skin and your clothes. Get it stitched in a flared frock, the quintessential shalwar kameez or a trendy short kurti.

Cotton cambric is suitable for all kinds of cuts and styles. The fabric has an overall sheen and a minimal regal look which makes the outfit even more exquisite.

Most sought out fabric of the year!

Every year, the fashion forward crowd anticipates the launch of cambric collection to get their hands on their favorite prints. They rush to their favorite designer’s outlets or surf the internet in search of the perfect dress. Since cotton and cambric can be worn all year long, hey are in high demand whatever the season is.

Khaddar is only limited to the two winter months whereas lawn is not a durable fabric for long term wear. Cambric cotton is a feasible alternative as it can be worn all year with minimal adjustments. Especially when spring and fall encroach and you are confused when it’s cold outside or not. Cambric and cotton fabric comes to the rescue and saves the day!

Simple, trendy yet affordable options for everyone

Cotton Clothing is the best pick for everyday wear as it is simple, trendy yet affordable. It is an ideal pick whether you are going to the office or university or a day out with friends. You can get it stitched it a motley of ways according to your own personal style and preference. Or if you want to avoid the hassle of tailors and finding the perfect embellishments or laces, then shop ready to wear cotton clothing to elevate your wardrobe.

Some brands offer gold pasting winter cotton shirts that make dreamy and ethereal outfits. The panache of such dresses is unmatched as they can be accessorized with chunky earrings or statement necklaces for formal events. Especially during the pandemic, the trend of intimate weddings with minimal glam dresses is in.

Cotton cloth dresses is a good option in these circumstance as the material is breathable and can be worn multiple times over the year. Unmatched combination of mélange of color options, there is an array of stunning prints available in cotton and cambric fabric which you can easily buy from many brands in Pakistan.

Revamp your midyear clothing options!

Women want the sought-after cambric collection 2020 for a midyear wardrobe revamping. Sales are a good option for getting exquisite suits and shirts at affordable prices. You can even buy your desired articles at a very minimal price from end of season sales.

In this way you can stock up on your fashion favorites and get them stitched when the season’s appropriate. Therefore Mid year clothing is a cult classic as the time when you can wear them is not limited. Thus loved by many on the age spectrum!

Style however your heart desires!

Cotton fabric is as versatile as they come because you can get it stitched in gazillion of ways and style them however you heart desires. Moreover you can pair with the kind of bottoms you want. Going to university and have less time? Style it with classic wash denim. Going to a formal event need something festive. Pair your favorite cambric cotton shirt with embellished trousers or pant sand you are set for the wedding of the season.

Owing to the numerous benefits and of cotton cambric clothing, the fabric is adored by many and selected every year for its versatility and wear ability.

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