Ace Your Style This Winter With Limelight Winter Edit!

Stay warm (but look cool) this winter with Limelight’s Winter Collection. The style edit boosts a wide array of options ranging from the quintessential leather jacket to winter shawls that depict the timeless eastern beauty. It is an undeniable fact that winter wardrobe is much better than summer style! It’s that time of the year when can pull off street style without the fear of being too loud. Wrap up yourself with the comfiest of coats, capes, cape shawls, and blazers from Limelight’s winter edit!

The battle of basics!


Coats are a no brainer winter staple. Owing to their versatility you can layer those with eastern or western pieces depending on your own aesthetic. You can select women’s winter coats from Limelight winter collection which boats both short and long coats. You can find both classic silhouettes along with contemporary trends in the winter edit for the warmest winter coats. Just because it’s dreary outside, it is still no excuse to wear dreary and drab colors. You can top off your look with some bright accessories or even get your everyday coat in maroons or mustards rather than neutral colors.

  • Winter Shawls and sweaters


Shawls and cape shawls an integral part of winter #OOTD. Limelight offers myriads of options for shawls in every color imaginable for winter dresses. You can get the comfiest and coziest shawls from Limelight’s diverse collection of shawls and cape shawls.

Cocoon yourself with cute and comfy sweaters and cardigans. These are deemed as classics and thus always present in some form in your wardrobe. You can up your style game as the temperatures plummet with specially curated sweaters for women.

Statement pieces to make you stand out!


Pair a puffer jacket with a ribbed turtleneck for a chic but cozy night out. Winter jackets for women in affordable rates can be hard to find. And in Pakistan winter is short lived spanning only two months so it’s always better to invest in a good quality staple coat or jacket. From iconic leather jackets, quilted puffer jackets to velvet extravaganza, you can build up your capsule wardrobe with some key winter pieces from Limelight. You can even style up some ponchos for women as they are making a comeback this season! There are pearl ones or patterned ponchos according to your own personal taste.

Fur signifies royal connotation and has always been considered among revered raiment. In the last few years fur has made a comeback as faux fur due to sustainability concerns and can be seen in all sorts of apparel. From coats and blazers to delicate finishing on all sorts of clothes, faux fur is prevalent and can be seen everywhere. Limelight has used fur as finishing in various women's winter coats & jackets owing to its versatility. 

  • Velvet trousers and accessories 

Velvet is one of winter's most beloved fabrics since the dawn of time. Inject glamour into your look by pairing velvet separates or embellished formal suits. Or just buy some velvet trousers for that seventies look!


Turtlenecks and mocknecks are fashion's white whale. It’s very difficult to get the perfect snuggly one. Often times the material is either too scratchy or the neck funnel is too wide or the fitting is shabby. But this season with Limelight’s collection of cozy turtlenecks and mocknecks have you sorted out for the winter season! They give you the perfect street style look when you pair them up with dainty gold jewelry.

Accessories that will make you the center of envy!

Faux fur stoles are making their way back in style for the last few years. Drape them however you like to keep your neck warm this prolonged winter. Limelight offers faux fur stoles along with knitted cowls to keep you extra warm this winter! Winter caps for women are finished with pearls and pompom details for an elevated aesthetic.

Pompoms are deemed cute and adored by all! Therefore they are a compulsive finish this winter season and can be seen in Limelight’s shawls and cape shawls. They jazz up your winter outfits with a fuzzy yet high end look.

Rush now before it’s too late!

You can take style cues from Limelight’s social media accounts and see the latest on trend designs for winter clothes for women. Therefore follow our Facebook and Instagram to get fashion inspiration to be the center of envy. Shop your next favorite ensembles from your nearest Limelight store or if you are a homebody and don’t like going out due to the ongoing pandemic, then shop online from Remember to only click ‘add to cart’ from our official website because there are many scams who are looting our respectable customers.

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