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Ready to wear shirts are the staple need of every woman now. Whether you’re working in an office and need business formal or casual attire or you need something to elevate your look, a few; more specifically Limelight ready to wear shirts are what your wardrobe needs.

Pakistan brands ready to wear collection of shirts and suits are huge. Yes at times it may become difficult making a choice from the ready to wear clothing, but with us it’s easy. How? 

Well, we thought of listing down the best of our pret shirts from the latest fall & winter collection. And you’re right; we adore the Cambric fabric since it just beautifully encapsulates your fall and winter. The list also has winter cotton and club khaddar. 

We’ll keep you close to the classics; the tried-and-trusted shirt staples that will never go out of trend.

So, while you build a capsule new kurti design 2021 closet and looking to buy kurtis online.

Below are the key shirt styles you will always find yourself reaching for.

Best Casual: Sleek Embroidered Slub Khaddar Polka Dot Shirt

P4223SH - Embroidered Slub Khaddar Shirt

Price: Rs. 2,399 PKR

If you are working or non-working even, this beautifully casual yet chic polka dot shirt in Slub Khaddar is the best option. It’s lightly embroidered on the placket and is machine washable, so you won’t need to worry about keeping it for dry cleaning. 

This shirt is knee-length long so you can pair it up with a flared/wide leg bottom or straight pants and look great. The sleeves are also designed to keep you looking extra versatile. 

Better yet, it comes in the ever-so-trendy polka dots of white and black. On the other end of the spectrum, the pink piping on the front and front of cuffs is the perfect choice for a casual and affordable chic look.

Available in sizes SM-LG.

Best Print: Motif Printed Cambric Shirt in Olive

C1851SH - Printed Cambric Shirt

Price: Rs. 1,999 PKR

Your readymade dresses online search may not be of solid shirts, this is why Limelight ready to wear shirts feature a mix of everything and a choice of everyone. This Olive Green shirt in Cambric fabric and a motif print is definitely the shirt you’re cart has. 

The dark blueprint and a pink border are fun looks for you if you take fashion seriously, but not too seriously. 

This shirt is made of Cambric fabric and is comfortable for a machine wash. You might even send it to the dry cleaner as it’s not wrinkle-free and will require line drying and ironing. 

But this is certainly worth the purchase when wanting readymade shirts online. It is so versatile because of the print and color contrast. You can pair it up with any color bottoms from our collection of basic cambric trousers for a polished look.

Best Value: Uniquely Color Contrasted Embroidered Slub Khaddar Shirt  

P4178SH – Embroidered Slub Khaddar Shirt

Price: Rs. 2,899 PKR

Colored embroidery on placket and sleeves is a great way to add color and texture to a shirt. This timeless aesthetic of embellishing a shirt is something you can wear over and over again, for years to come. It comes in Olive green base color with pink, gold, and white embellishment. 

Made from Slub Khaddar, this exceptional winter wardrobe staple wins hearts for the amazing comfort it holds. It is machine washable. But because it has the beautiful embroidery and embellishment all over, you might as well want to read some instructions for keeping it in a good shape. 

And just because embroidered shirts can be expensive, it doesn’t mean they have to be. When you’re buying readymade Pakistani clothes online; do take a look at Limelight ready to wear shirts. Because whether you’re on a budget for online shopping or want the best but don’t want to spend too much, this embroidered Slub Khaddar shirt is a great value for the price and embellishment.

This shirt was designed by keeping comfort in mind. The material will give you the coziness needed for colder days, and the color contrasts will give you enough room to explore your fashionista side. 

Best Embroidered: The Navy Blue Cross Stitch Embroidered Shirt

P3775SH – Embroidered Cambric Shirt

Price: Rs. 3,199 PKR

This Navy Blue cambric shirt may be too elegant to the eye, but it’s worth every rupees. It’s made of premium cambric fabric, with right care; it will last for two to three years easily. But also remember that while the shirt is machine washable, it’s better to send it for a dry clean, since the featured embroidery is so delicate. 

Let us now get to the main reason for choosing this shirt in the best 5 ready to wear Limelight shirts. The shirt has a refined look because of the embroidery design and chosen thread work. The base color of the shirt is Navy Blue but with the white embroidery, the shirt is nothing less than a sight. 

For a perfect look though, keep in mind that this color and design will stand out with an off-white or white color trousers. So dress accordingly!

Best Overall: Serene Embroidered Chic-Formal Shirt

P2879SH - Embroidered Formal Shirt)

Price: Rs. 3,199 PKR

For your search of formal shirts for women, along with concern for comfort, style, and a good value for the price, this Limelight ready to wear shirt checks every possible box. It offers the elegance of premium quality fabric, color, and intricate embroidery. Moreover, it falls into the most comfortable price frame.

And while you fall for this shirt, remember to take care of its wash regime. Just make sure to tumble dry at a normal speed and hang it up immediately. 

The shirt is made of stone fabric that adds extreme comfort along with an appeal of color and embroidery to complete the look. You will love your entire look. 

Final Verdict

Our top picks for this list of best 5 Limelight ready to wear shirts is a complete class in itself. Whether you want an official look or classic outdoor outfit, choose either of this listed ready to wear shirts and make your entire look beautiful. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you dressed in one of these Limelight pret shirts!

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