Best Perfumes For Women To Enjoy Summer Ecstasy

Fragrances for women are the perfect finishing touch when preparing for a memorable day. And why not? It is believed that a 'good scent completes the OOTD'. 

Perfumes for women are not just a splash of fragrance to end the foul odour, but they represent their personality as a whole. Fruity, floral or woody, musk or citrus. Whatever the choice, each ladies fragrances is the best way to make a statement, leave a lasting impression and express your individuality. 

It is no surprise, just like good food instantly takes you back to your happy childhood, one spritz of your favourite summer chic perfumes for women whisk you back to relive the best moments spent with your family, friends and special ones.

But finding a diverse and vibrant collection of ladies fragrances that offers captivating and intoxicating long-lasting body mists and perfumes for women for the summer season takes work. Luckily, Limelight is back again with a range of unique and unforgettable best perfumes for women. 

Their fragrances for women are a mix of floral, oriental, wood, fougere, gourmand, chypre, citrus, and aromatic with notes of cardamom, lavender, raspberries, melon, roses, musks, lilies, citrus, lavender and other essential oils that complement your moods and personality. 

Limelight's best ladies perfumes are available in 100m, 125ml, 150ml and 200ml quantities. They are extraordinarily enduring and offer a minimum 22-hour lasting time. So, whether you want to leave a lasting impression or introduce your new look, Limelight perfumes in Pakistan are the best choice. 

Below are some must-have summer fragrances to celebrate your summer soirees in spirit. Limelight all new perfumes for women are available online and in-store for grab.

The Feminine Pink


Limelight's latest best ladies perfume Pink is a soft, delicious raspberry fragrance budded out of the original raspberry. It smells fruity and floral with heart notes of litchi, melon, lilies, jasmine, rosewood, and musk. 

It has ever-lasting base notes of musk, Brazilian rosewood, cashmere and sandalwood. The overall taste of this best perfumes for women is oriental floral. It is available in 100ML bottle and has beautiful transparent packaging with a pink ribbon that expresses femininity. 

Limelight fragrances for women is available at Rs. 3699 at Limelight online store and in-store. This pink perfume is perfect for happy-memory and long-lasting wear. 

The Vibrant Allure


Limelight's vibrant perfumes for women was formulated to adjust to its wearer to complement their body chemistry. Its heart notes- lotus, magnolia and peony pack a fragrant punch that wears evenly, meaning the scent won't change over the day—nor will its potency. What you spritz is what you get.

The base notes are a blend of musk and amber. The overall taste of this ladies fragrances is floral, woody and fruity. It comes in a vibrant green bottle and has a 250ml quantity. It is exceptionally long-lasting and can last up to 22 hours a day. 

You can shop this fragrances for women at Rs. 1199 from Limelight online store or by visiting any nearest outlet. The exotic and fruity ingredients are 91% natural, allowing you to make a memorable fantasy during the hot days of summer. 

The Bold Duchess


This best ladies perfume is the epitome of woody earth and crashing waves. When you wear it, you'll instantly be transported to an exotic summer forest. The top notes of bold ditches include a blend of cardamom that gives you an earthy and natural feeling all day. 

The base notes of this fragrances for women are a blend of vetivar and caraway. The overall smell of the sweet and soft duchess is woody with a blend of musk. It is available in 100 ml quantity. 

It has a matte black and golden body that exudes royalty. This perfumes in Pakistan is available online and in-store at Rs. 3299. You can shop it right now by clicking the product. 

Final Thoughts!

Limelight perfumes for women are perfect for smelling fresh during the hot summer days. They are long-lasting and affordable to your pocket. The articles above are just a glimpse of their latest women's perfume collection. 

You can view the complete range of Limelight ladies fragrances by visiting the online store or any nearest outlet now. From soft to warm and light to bold – their range has perfume for women of every taste. 

What are you waiting for now? Hurry up and grab your favourites today!

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