Be Brilliant, Be Bold, be You, With The Perfect Ensembles From Limelight Western

Beauty comes from dressing the way you want. An outfit you pick out yourself really shows who you are. Every girl and woman wants to look brilliant and feel confident.  Being bold isn’t easy as it seems, you have to groom yourself in the best way possible without losing your originality.  Don’t worry about your boldness and being yourself because Limelight’s Western Collection will sort out everything. They have everything, lovely tops, ravishing CO-ORD sets, breathtaking jumpsuits, and gorgeous dresses. There is something for every occasion within this western collection.

Today, we will talk about the best western outfits for women you can buy to transform yourself into your best version. Down below, you will find some of our favorites from Limelight’s Western Collection.

Lavish Western Tops by Limelight

Layered Grip Top 

Western tops by Limelight are a great way to revamp your wardrobe with western clothing. There are countless options to choose from within this collection but this one is our favorite. Try wearing this maroon layered shirt to add some spiciness. The finest approach to flaunting your shoulders and collarbones is with this distinctive shirt. It enhances your physical appearance and boosts your mood and morale. The shirt also has a unique neckline that overlaps with a grip flap at the top.

Additionally, a knot crosses the shoulder for a majestic look. The cuff of the garment then encircles your wrist. The unique style of this top represents your beauty. Grab this top today and show everyone how beautiful you really are.

Printed Silk Top 

How can we not include a printed top when talking about western tops for women? Silk tops are essential for a woman’s wardrobe. Limelight has mastered the art of silk tops as is reflected within this western printed silk top. The dark pink color printed with black polka dots is just the thing you need. The collar of the shirt is decorated by a ribbon that compliments the whole look and gives it its uniqueness. Lastly, the sleeves are finished with buttoned cuffs. If you need a casual shirt to wear then this silk shirt is the perfect option for you.

Co-Ord Suits for a Casual and Formal Look

Embellished co ord dress 

Limelight is one of the best brands to consider when buying Co-Ord Suits in Pakistan. Their Co-Ord collection consists of various casual and formal suits. Depending on your style you can pick your favorite. Today, we will discuss this casual embellished co ord dress. This gorgeous suit comes in a light beige color with pearl and crystal bead embellishments. The eye-pleasing color combined with embellishments that cover the back and front of the top provides the perfect look. The collar style of the shirt adds style to the outfit while the wide trousers give the outfit a stylish look. If you are looking for an outfit to wear to your next party or friends' gathering then we suggest you get these embellished dresses today! Visit the Limelight store to explore more formal options in Co-Ord suits.

Elegant Jumpsuits for Women

Halter Neck Jumpsuit 

Too lazy to make an outfit? Want something you can wear instantly and look amazing? Then jumpsuits are your best option. These amazing outfits require no effort and the results are breathtaking. Limelight offers some amazing jumpsuits at amazing prices. It’s the best way to pull off a refined look. This jumpsuit for women comes in mesmerizing purple color. Moreover, the neckline wraps around your neck perfectly as the sleeveless look flaunts your shoulders. The pleated look and tight waist design make this jumpsuit an elegant option for you. Lastly, the legs are wide-styled for a breathtaking outlook. Find more options like this one at the Limelight stores or online.

Western Dresses for a Refined Look

Laced Grip Tiered Dress

Dresses are a must-have for all women and western dresses are just something else. Western dresses allow you to be your best self while dressing yourself up in the best possible way. This sand grey dress is a simple yet amazing dress. It provides an earthy color to your wardrobe and makes you look elegant. The round neckline joins the placket that is decorated with Shiffli lace. The lace goes all the way to the bottom of the dress. Moreover, the dress has multiple folds along the front and back of the lower half of the dress. Lastly, the sleeves drop down to your wrists as it joins the cuffs. Find more embellished dresses at the Limelight Western Collection.


Limelight has one of the biggest women western wear collections available online and in-stores. They have various categories of western clothing and even more styles within those categories. It's easier than ever to find that perfect western outfit that fits your style. All the clothes listed above are great options for you. If none of them appeal to you, we suggest you check out the collections yourself for more options. Stop scrolling and start shopping right now!

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