Ramadan is more than just fasting and feasting; it is a time of gathering with friends and family to open fast and pray together. However, choosing a modest yet fashionable ethnic menswear to wear during the holy month can be quite challenging and time-consuming. 

Be it ready to wear men's suits, waistcoats, trousers, or kurtas, finding the simple, sophisticated, and most comfortable eastern attire is not easy. There are a lot of things to consider, from fabric selection to color combination. And, with so many options to ponder, it can take time to figure out where to start. 

However, at Limelight, we believe in the significance of wearing traditional attire during Ramadan, so we are again back with some breathtaking newest eastern men clothing collection options. 

Dapper and dignified, our collection of menswear kurtas, suits, and waistcoats is impeccable for men who wish to appear in style and distinctively attractive in the soft, breezy fabric that will also get you through the unbearable heat during this blissful month. 

Today, in this blog, we will discuss some luxurious yet finest suits, kurtas, and waistcoats that make you look your best and enjoy the festivities to the fullest. So, make sure you check our mens clothing online or by visiting any nearest outlet if you want to buy the luxurious yet fashionable festive collection. 

Ready To Wear Men Dobby Kurta For Ultimate Modish Look


mens kurta


Regarding festive menswear kurtas, choosing a bold palette kurta is an elegant choice for the momentous occasion. This bold hue kurta is a perfect blend of traditionalism and modernity. 

This mens kurta comes with a ban neckline along with a very subtle detailing on the collar. If you look closely, you will see the unique two-tone thread detailing framed with a brown-tone fabric finish. 

Additionally, this long sleeve kurta comes with dark navy textured button closure on the placket and features two side pockets. It has the same tone patterns all over the shirt, giving your ensemble a dash of sophistication and variety. 

The lightweight and breathable dobby fabric makes it most suitable for warm Ramadan. Stand out with your sense of taste, pair it with solid white trousers or shalwar, and create a seamless, elegant, yet attractive look.

Ready To Wear 2 piece Cotton Suit Embroidered For Sophisticated Looks


two piece wash and wear suit


If you have an eye for modish yet sophisticated looks, this highly distinctive and diverse mens fashion can bring a different charm to your appearance. The fabric's fit and color are both perfect for this season. 

The grace of this two piece wash and wear suit is a ban neckline that features an intricate embroidered stitch pattern starting from the ban and ending at the neckline. The metallic beaded detailing on the placket gives it a distinctive and appealing look. 

It comes with a wooded button closure on the placket and the cuffs, and it has two side pockets that round off the shirt's style. This formal wear for men is finished with a coordinating light grey shalwar. 

The timeless celestial soft canvas elevates the entire look, and the premium cotton fabric gives you a little extra comfort. Add this irresistible 2 piece cotton suit to your wardrobe today with Limelight online store and make a statement at all your Ramadan festivities. 

Majestic Cotton Waist Coat To Compliment Your Festive Wardrobe


mens waistcoat


If you wish to do a little extra with your festive wardrobe, this mens waistcoat is the right option. This style is perfect for your ethnic suhoor or iftar celebration when you wish to stand out with your sense of taste. 

This eastern waistcoat features a ban neckline with gold metallic button closure on the placket. If you look closely at the details of the buttons, you will see a fusion of vintage and antique craftsmanship on the buttons. 

Crafted with lightweight and breathable premium cotton material, this waistcoat is ideal for elevating the festive mens summer fashion game. It keeps you cool and relaxed on the hot Ramadan day. 

Additionally, it comes with two front pockets. The solid black canvas adds that oomph to your style and allows you to pair it with any hue. Overall, it is a beautiful addition to create the perfect formal look. 

Final Thoughts!

Limelight is a one-stop store best ethnic wear for men. From basic designs to embroidered styles, the Limelight men collection has a variety of men kameez shalwar, kurta pajamas, or waistcoats to keep you covered. 

Visit the Limelight online store or any nearest outlet to buy the right Ramazan kurta or suit when you wish for an ethereal look that is comfortable yet appealing, makes you feel confident about yourself, and makes you appear festive as well. 

Stop scrolling and start shopping now!

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