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The colors of fall have been weaved into the threads of quality! 

Happy Fall! The midsummer celebration is right here around the corner and so is Limelight Unstitched Cambric Collection 21! We’re already feeling the air of excitement and enthusiasm around us. 

The change of weather towards pleasantness brings in positive vibes, cheerfulness, and happiness in moods and atmosphere. Such air demands celebration.

So be it a celebration or an occasion, it’s not complete without your fall outfit. Your wardrobe is one thing that should be perfectly ready for day-to-day affairs and for evening dinners when the weather or time calls for it.

And, guess what? You don’t have to worry about it anymore because Limelight has you covered! The nation’s favorite –luxurious yet affordable-brand brings you their all-new Cambric Clothing ‘21. 

They say prints appeal to the eye but colors capture the hearts, whereas, Limelight unstitched clothing in cambric fabric encapsulates both. The entire stock of these amazingly creative pieces is showcasing already on your favorite Limelight women clothing stores. You’re in for the best! 

Limelight Unstitched Cambric Collection 21 – An Intro

Limelight Cambric is a classically elegant collection crafted in a unique choice of color palettes. It’s weaved with magical prints and embroidered with scintillating threads to spin glamor and grace into any outfit you choose to wear.

The Pre-fall Collection 21 unstitched clothing and Limelight ready-to-wear shirts, is a medley collection made of weightless quality fabric and aesthetic designs. This year’s designs have the finest palettes and motifs featuring mosaic prints with both floral to geometric designs.

BTW, if you have questions regarding the “Cambric fabric” itself: the details were already discussed by us along with “yes” and “No’s” of the fabric, read it here.  And, we don’t just limit ourselves to providing you information on the fabric types; Limelight Trends is larger than that. Here’s your direct gateway to our fashion and style encyclopedia – click here.

The glimpse of the Cambric Fabric blog available here:

This year, you’ll see rich fall-inspired hues of red, blue, purple, and orange with some subtle and vibrant contrasts. Let’s evoke your admiration and have you take a visual dive…

The never-changing love color, with floral and geometrical motif prints. This two-piece unstitched cambric suit is a delight to the eyes.


U1855SU - Two-Piece Unstitched Cambric Suit

For the lady of elegance and flair, this three-piece unstitched cambric suit is just perfect. It is made with premium fabric all the while with beautiful embroidery, color, and print detailing.

U1873SU -Three-Piece Unstitched Cambric Suit

Is your wardrobe even complete without a purple hue in it? It seems as if this year we’re talking about more purple, lavender, and lilac. And for midsummers, you’re ought to be complimented in this color tone!

U1869SU -Two Piece Unstitched Cambric Suit

Delight yourself this season with bright, vibrant, and contrasting shades. This leaf-to-bottle green two-piece unstitched printed cambric suit perfectly visualizes the brighter the better you.

U1864SU -Two-Piece Unstitched Printed Cambric Suit

Enjoy this season of beautiful sunrises, some cloudy skies, and crisp fallen leaves with pretty smiles and chirpy fashions like this unstitched one-piece cambric shirt here. It’s chic and radiant! Definitely the style of an empowering lady out there!

U1852SH -Unstitched One-Piece Cambric Shirt

An epitome of opulence and grace, this two-piece unstitched embroidered cambric suit is going to give you all the midsummer vibes. Featuring the serenity of the blues and the sophistication of the Aqua’s, you can’t let this one go!

U1851SH -Two-Piece Unstitched Embroidered Cambric Suit

And don’t just stop here; there’s always more and better on the other side of the fence… The entire cambric clothing unstitched collection is now displayed in stores and online and is being taken fast. We’re actually in love with what we have created, why don’t you do the same? 

Limelight Ready to Wear Shirts You’d Love to Wear this Fall

You just envisioned what Limelight stacks for the unstitched fall collection, now revive your wardrobe with the sublime Ready to Wear cambric Collection. You’re bound to find your perfect match and you’re guaranteed to continue wearing these Pret Cambric Shirts throughout your fall…

Believe us when we say, they are bound to evoke admiration on your every entrance. They are bestowed with floral and geometrical patterns and playful accents.

Wear it and let the world see it!

Let’s show you what we’re taking pride in:


P5345SH – Pret Embroidered Shirt

Price: Rs. 2,999 PKR

This ‘light of the day’ ensemble, features sumptuous color and meticulously crafted patterns. Won’t you shine like a diamond in this?


P3775SH – Pret Embroidered Cambric Shirt

Price: Rs. 3,199 PKR

A vibrantly subtle “Ready to Wear” shirt with a purple base and fun embroidery and lace detailing. Like we’ve said already, purple is the new black. 


C1851SH – Ready to Wear Printed Cambric Shirt

Price:  Rs. 1,999 PKR

Keep the longing days of still-going-summer cool with this beautifully composed yet cool cambric shirt. Who said midsummer takes the sun away, so wear the shade that feels breezy and light.


P4044SU- Embroidered Two Piece Cambric Suit

Price: Rs. 4,699 PKR

A perfect fall two-piece in stunning color and embroidery. This fall you’re bound to look fabulous, so why not with this limelight ready-to-wear.


P3930SU – Embroidered Two Piece Cambric Suit

Price: Rs. 4,899 PKR 

Beautifully embroidery adorned fall suit with cool and calm threads of fading summer. The class, the elegance, the flair – all in one!


P3920SH – Embroidered Cambric Pret Shirt

Price: Rs. 2,999 PKR 

If you could picture romance in an outfit, you would look at this single shirt from Limelight’s ready to wear cambric collection. In case it doesn’t call for love, it’ll drive the appeal. 

Now that you’ve taken a look at the season’s most beautiful collection, here’s what we’re hoping you to do. Visit the physical stores or our online store and select your favorite or most loved articles from the collection, whether it’s unstitched cambric suit or a ready to wear shirts, wear it and send us your picture wearing it, or comment and tell us about your purchase, or maybe just go to Instagram or Facebook and chat with us – just anything! 

Show us your love, because that’s what motivates us!

Beautiful prints and embroidery adorned unstitched suits and limelight ready to wear shirts in cambric fabric are what we’re hoping to steal your heart with!

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