Unstitched Picks of The Month For Women by Limelight

Every year, Limelight releases a new summer collection. Limelight unstitched Pakistani suits are now available in their summer collection! This collection has a variety of distinct women's dress styles, including single shirts, two-piece suits, and three-piece ladies suits. In Pakistan, the biggest variation is seen in these summer dresses. The collection is mostly composed of lawn fabric, but other fabrics are also available to buy. Limelight is known for bringing clothes that redefine affordability and style. It’s hard to compete with Limelight’s prices. They are just unbeatable.

Today we will talk about our favorite picks from Limelight’s summer unstitched salwar kameez. We will explore different types of suits from casual to formal. Let us know which outfit is your favorite.

Below are Unstitched Picks of The Month

Best Raw Silk Suit for Summer

The best way to look amazing in summer is to wear a silk shirt. Limelight brings you this amazing Thai silk shirt for summer. This black shirt with a white front and back is printed all over. These lovely floral patterns will leave you in awe. This shirt is unlike any other. You can wear it inside or outside; however, you prefer it. Going out with your friends? Then get this shirt for that flawless look. You can pair it up with white or black pajamas or even just a pair of jeans. It depends on your mood and occasion. With a shirt like this one, it’s easy to come up with various styles. So, go big and express yourself with these unstitched suits online.

2 Piece Dress for Formal Occasions

Formal parties are tough to dress for. But with Limelight, it’s as easy as pie. The wonderful two-piece dress is perfect for a formal event. What makes it so lavish? Well, the shirt is fully embroidered with immaculate patterns. Sleeves, front and borders are all embroidered. The back of this two piece dress is printed with amazing floral patterns. The shirt and dupatta of this suit are of the same color. The dupatta is of chiffon fabric whereas, the shirt is of lawn fabric. Lawn and chiffon go hand in hand. Furthermore, the dupatta is printed with matching floral designs. Since this is a black two-piece, you can add a black shalwar to go with the outfit. Now you are ready to be a part of any extravagant gathering.

Modern Shirts for Everyday Wear 

In summer, you need something light and beautiful to wear every day. It can be a normal day at the university or just a casual hangout. With Limelight, you are ready for it all. Limelight’s “Be Yourself” summer 2022 collection provides you with the best modern shirts. Take this shirt as an example. We choose this specific printed lawn suit because it’s perfect. The light color and lawn fabric keep you cool and breezy. The combination of aqua and pink is eye-pleasing. The splash hue with floral patterns makes this a good spring shirt as well. You can be yourself by wearing this gorgeous shirt. This is what Limelight’s collection is all about. Being yourself because you are perfect. Match these lawn shirts with simple white pants and you are done.

A Lavish Three Piece Jacquard Suit 

Nothing is more lavish than an embroidered suit with a Jacquard shirt. Limelight knows how to dress you up in style. They bring you this lavish embroidered 3 piece dress. It’s perfect for a formal wedding or get-together. This suit contains a floral pattern on a jacquard shirt with the embroidered central panel, neckline motif and sleeves. Along with, slit, border patti and printed panels on side and back. The outfit comes with a Rajjo net dupatta that is decorated with booti patterns in the center. The borders of the dupatta match the color shades of the shirt.

Lastly, the outfit is completed with dyed trousers. The beige color of the three piece dress provides comfort and simplicity. It’s the most welcoming and simple color out there.

Unstitched Two Piece Summer Dress

It’s time to dress in red. Summer is the best season to dress in a combination of red and blue. This lovely two piece embroidered dress is full of joy. Once you wear it, you will feel like a million bucks. The combination of red fabric with white prints and blue embroidery takes the cake. Having an embroidered lawn dress like this is crucial in your wardrobe. It not only adds elegance to your style but also keeps you cool in the summers. This outfit comes with a red lawn shirt and a cotton net blue dupatta. Wearing this outfit for a casual day is an ideal way to put it to use. You can pair it up with simple white pants to end it off. Grab a matching blue purse and you are done.

There are a lot of other amazing articles in stores and online. Also, Limelight has exquisitely launched summer ready-to-wear ensembles that can save your time and efforts of getting the fabric tailored. Check it out too. We are sure you’ll love them.

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