The Best of Limelight Jewellery 2022

Limelight presents you the most exquisite jewelry pieces that make you scintillate! Adorn yourself in the classic yet modern jewelry pieces from Limelight’s latest collection. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is hallmarked and attractive enough to make you sparkle all day long. The collection includes diverse range of anklets, ring sets, traditional and contemporary earrings, and classic necklaces. There are some amazing bracelets sets in the collection as well. Take your style up a few notches by buying and styling the best jewelery for women from Limelight. You’ll be stunned by the volume it can add to your whole look.

Down below are a few best pieces from the collection from each category. Have a look and find all the important details to optimize your online shopping experience.

Pearl Layered Necklace

A pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens! You can never go wrong by adding a little pearls into your looks. They are the forever classic with an ability to take your style up to unbelievable levels of fashion. This double layered necklace is one of its kind. It has the minimal yet intricate pearl detailing. You can style it with both western and eastern outfits. The classic gold chain has the perfect sparkle that’s ever needed to make your style shine in the crowd. The collection included a diverse range of necklace for women with beautiful charms like butterflies, locks, stones, shells, beads, and crystal artifacts. Visit your nearest Limelight outlet or shop these amazing jewelry pieces online. Hurry up and start the shopping spree!

Embellished Earrings Set

Life isn’t perfect but your earrings can be! This charming earrings set by Limelight is truly an epitome of grace and perfection. The set includes six different kinds of earrings for women and that too in just Rs. 699. The heart shaped pearled hoops can be worn at date nights with the perfect style element in them. The bit oversized twisted hoops can be styled at casual get together with both eastern and western ensembles. The mid-sized classic twisted hoops can be worn at office and even with formal meetings. If you are someone who likes minimal accessorizing then the little glitter, floral and stone studs are just perfect for you. All in all this set is a must have in your accessories collection. There are a lot more amazing sets. Hoops, studs and traditional jhumkas as well in the collection. Do check them out, we bet you’ll be amazed by the variety Limelight have in-stores and online.

Golden Ring Set

Bling bling! Can you feel these mesmerizing rings? We surely do. This is an absolute style treat with a lot of fashion goodness in it. This amazing ring set has all kinds of rings in it. Be it band rings, tube rings, solitaire rings, textured ones or even beaded artifacts. You can stun every outfit by wearing any of the ring from this set. The oversized band ring can be used for a bold style appeal. The twisted band rings can be used with casual outfits on daily basis. The solitaire rings can be worn on semi-formal events and the one with rhinestones can be worn with formal looks. All in all you have everything you need to accessories your hands in just one set and that too in an amazing price of just Rs. 699. The material used in the rings is durable and non-rust able. Get the best rings for women only at Limelight!

Gleaming Bracelet

Limelight’s bracelet collection has all the funky, modern, contemporary, bold and minimal pieces in it. This gleaming bracelet set has three different and beautiful bracelets. The perfect silver color has us hooked. It is a layered bracelets set with Cuban and Rollo chains combination. There is a delicate chain bracelets with pearls embellishment on it. The silver and white combination is to die for. The third one is chained with butterfly charm on it decorated with rhinestones. You can wear these bracelets for women together or you can also wear any one of them according to your outfit. They are intricate and charming and have the perfect style elements added to it for the ultimate beauty. This fashion goodness is available in just Rs. 899. Get this ASAP because just a few are left in stock.

Golden Anklet

This cute yet stylish anklet is perfect to make your style glare. The pearl and star-shaped charms are adding ultimate grace and elegance to the anklet. It has a clasp closure and the size is adjustable. It can be worn as a bracelet too. Made from durable metal, this is available at just Rs. 799. Grab this anklet from your nearest stores or online. Don’t forget to check the rest of the articles in anklets for women collection. We bet you will love each one of them.

This is just a sneak peak into the world of Limelight exquisite jewelry collection. Add a little spice to your look with intricate Limelight jewelry. Buy them now and leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

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