Limelight Pays Homage To The Quintessential And Trend-Led Designs

Since Limelight’s inception, the entity is acclaimed for its indigenous identity. Individuated style seekers anticipate for their du jour designer lawn dresses every season. Although fads come and go, the Pakistani masses believe in a fashion philosophy that is functional, deep rooted in culture yet still trendy. The sought after fashion designer dresses in an array of fabrics like lawn, Slub khaddar and cambric are fancied by women since the dawn of time. Limelight meets the need of Pakistani style terrain by providing options from eastern and now western sphere along with accessories.


Limelight has something to offer for everyone acting as a powerful antidote for the widely held notion that in vogue trends cost you an arm and leg. Affordable versions of the latest trends are easily accessible via Limelight to the fashion forward crowd.

Exploration of personal style and increasing fashion literacy among the Pakistani masses

The prevalence of increasing fashion literacy has made people more conscious about the upcoming trends everywhere. Eastern suits adorned with ornate embellishments are a wardrobe staple for every woman in Pakistan while millennial and Generation Z prefer a more western outlook consisting of jumpsuits, power dressing, maxi and midi dresses, crop tops and skirts.


Here at limelight we have everything from the quintessential white designer dress to the cheetah print crop top. The designer dresses have both style and substance leading people to invest in pieces that they can cherish and pass onto generations. Plethora of options is available for people who want a new designer dress every other day thus catering to a rampant consumer culture. Readily available divergent options allow people to explore their personal style which is omnipresent yet evolving.

Limelight as an agent of diversity and inclusion in the fashion landscape

Limelight launches new style dresses for the diverse array of consumers every week or so. People who want to avoid the hassle of a tailor usually go for pret options which are readily available in numerous sizes whereas those who believe in DIY-ing and customizing their dresses opt for unstitched lawn and khaddar collection. This is symbolic of radical inclusivity as designer plus size clothing is scarce in the Pakistani fashion landscape. This is testimonial of the ongoing evolution in the fashion scene that is moving toward an inclusive sizing concept.


The variety of sizes offered in pret along with the unstitched fabric elevates the existing condition of diversity and inclusivity in the market. Designer suits for women, tastefully curated from the unstitched collection is galvanizing change on the fashion spectrum as people can design dresses according to their own aesthetic and cuts that suit their body type.

Accessibility for everyone in all strata of society

Signature gold pasting shirts are allegorical of the brand’s identity. These emblematic shirts are distinctive among the women clothing brands and favored by women from all strata of the society. Owing to their cost effective price range they are deemed affordable luxury by the Pakistani masses. Limelight has effectively redefined the notion of luxury by making its products accessible to everyone. Prices are alluringly affordable for the trendy as well as the more classic designs


With 65 outlets across Pakistan and a contemporary online store, ardent customers can browse the extensive product range either from the comfort of their homes or in a brick and mortar store. The online store is a haven for designer dresses online as more and more people want to shop online without going to an outlet especially during a frenzied pandemic. The buying process is fast, smooth, easy and time efficient as the website is organized by distinct categories where everything is readily available and navigation is easy even for those who aren’t tech savvy.

Versatility yet divergence in designs in all collections

Although Limelight is distinguished as one of the best women's clothing brands, it also has a versatile range of fashion wear for men and kids. The products are inspired by the in vogue muses of the moment. From everyday wardrobe staples like the summer dress design to the party dress for an event, Limelight has it all. The archetypal designs along with the trend-led fads are launched both in stores and online.


The designer kurta for ladies is a cult classic which can be styled in numerous ways with mere accessories and different pants, dupattas and belts. Daytime to night time looks can be curated by mere mixing and matching articles from Limelight’s wide range of collection for your own personalized capsule wardrobe.

Both are immensely popular in the Pakistani sphere as audiences wait all year long for specific seasonal collections as well as articles that are available all year long. The color scheme ranging from pastels to vivid and jewel tones, an eclectic array of prints and patterns along with motley of cuts and styles provide the prospective buyer with something they can’t refuse.

Delivery and Payment Options for shopping your style essentials

To satisfy the fashionista in you, Limelight keeps updating and restocking articles on a routinely basis. You can add them to your closet by either going to a store or online via Limelight’s website. Shipping is free above orders worth 890. Geography is not even a barrier between you and your style essentials as we ship worldwide.

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