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Make a classic yet fashionable style with stunning Jacquard Collection 2020 for Eid!

Eid is a festival to rejoice and celebrate with our loved family members and friends. All of us await the occasion to have fun, enjoy and live the traditions and customs. As the happy occasion is about to approach, everyone starts preparations, particularly shopping. Although this year in the current pandemic situation, Eid dresses online shopping was a major trend. Online buying was preferred by majority of people because of lockdown in the country. But as the lockdown eased during the last days of Ramazan, shops were opened, and public got a chance to shop their Eid dresses from markets. Shopping for Eid is an exciting activity, and no one wants to miss out grabbing new pieces for their wardrobes. Men wear the traditional shalwar kameez or colored kurtas, whereas clothing choices for women are endless.

Limelight’s Eid Collection includes a variety of beautiful outfit choices. Ready to wear options comprise of shirts and suits whereas Unstitched Summer Collection also has some notable festive wear choices. Jacquard clothing is something always in fashion and Limelight is known for its ravishing high-quality jacquards. The fabric is recognized for its versatility and grace. Instead of the usual dyed or printed designs on cloth, this is made by unique woven patterns that are directly incorporated in the weave of the fabric. The sheen and luster of the cloth is long lasting and looks regal and majestic. It looks luxurious with its delicate, intricately woven designs. If you are looking for Jacquard dresses online for a classic and unique look, Limelight is the answer to your needs! Offering you all the style options, you can restyle it in many different ways as you want. Jacquard suits online at Limelight include both options of stitched or unstitched. Pick your favorites now from Pakistani clothes sale !

Dress to impress with eye-catching and striking Eid Collection of Jacquard suits online!

Even a simple jacquard shirt is enough to create a style statement. At Limelight, jacquard print shirts also present an additional unique look. The weave of the illustrious fabric looks beautiful on its own as well. Jacquard Collection 2020 showcases vibrant ready to wear shirts, suits and unstitched fabric for women’s jacquard suits. Featuring an exotic blend of colors, jacquard clothing looks very appealing. The beautiful designs and mesmeric hues make it a perfect choice to wear for Eid. Adorned with stunning embellishments and delicate embroideries, it is all that you need for festive wear. Jacquard shirts’ designs are immense, and you can choose your favorite according to your style.

The fabric makes a standout look and you don’t need to work with it much. An embroidered jacquard shirt can be paired with matching separates also easily available at Limelight. A variety of trousers like straight cut, bootcut and flared bottoms are offered to complete your look. A typical traditional Eid look is incomplete without a dupatta. You can shop for plain chiffon dupattas or even statement Jacquard dupattas. Self-jacquard and yarn dyed jacquard are also some options for Eid. They are one of a kind and look attractive as well. The regal unstitched jacquard fabric looks mind blowing and plain shirts can be a style winner. Because of the deep, vivid tones and colors, jacquard is a much-bought fabric from Limelight. The stitched shirts comprise of an endless array of styles, cuts and designs. They are finely embroidered with thread and tilla work. Eid dresses online shopping is the much needed takeaway for everyone to shop and buy the latest trending clothing. For family gatherings and casual get togethers, Jacquard is the perfect choice to wear! So, take a look at various categories and see what inspires you!

Relish the festivities by shopping for exquisite and fabulous Jacquard clothing online!

Women’s jacquard suits are undoubtedly an excellent choice for semi-formal wear. They neither look too flashy or too simple but are just the ideal choice. The category of jacquard clothing online is simply irresistible, and one can’t scroll beyond, ignoring the classic designs and styles. It is a hot selling fabric that speaks about its luxuriousness itself. Pair some accessories and the whole outfit is lifted to a new style quotient. Women’s Eid clothes shopping in unending as trends keep on changing and evolving. You can shop for jacquard dupatta online to add effortless style with plain shirts. They are available in many colors and designs, so match them with any attire to add an aesthetic appeal. Jacquard is not only famous for wearing as shirts or suits, but also a much wanted pick for trousers too. Other than, basic solid colored bottoms, a wide variety of jacquard print trousers are also available at Limelight. They are a perfect companion to pair with formal and fancy shirts and look super chic. Offering a versatile look, they add style and sophistication. For a more high class look, you can shop for ladies’ jacquard trousers that look stunning.

Don’t keep waiting as the Jacquard Collection is available across all Limelight stores nationwide and online. Shop your desired pieces before they run out of stock. Jacquard is a fabric that will be worth all your money and a good addition to your wardrobe, so shop now from the convenience of your homes. Cash on Delivery (COD) is available for local customers. We accept online payments and bank transfers as well.


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